Salvadorian Doctors Graduated in Cuba Refuse USAID Program

Salvadorian Doctors Graduated in Cuba Refuse USAID Program
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19 August 2014
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Salvadorian physicians graduated in Cuba refused the recent actions against the island through USAID (United States Agency for International Development).

Above all, the covert program of the government of President Barack Obama to send Latin American youth to Cuba with political subversion purposes, under alleged support to healthcare programs.

Eunice Deras, vice president of the Association of Health Professionals trained in Cuba, considers totally a repudiation that USAID provides this kind of activities and uses young people who may not even have clear actions for which were being used.

In statement to Prensa Latina, she stressed that from the point of view of her practicing profession, it is sad to know that this does not only affect Cuba, but also all health projects in Latin America and worldwide.

For Deras, Cuba is a worthy representative anywhere in the world not only of a quality health system, but also a way of life that guarantees duties and rights.

Ana Maria Barrientos, also graduated at the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), also states that the socialist project Cuba is building through people’s power and grass-roots organizations, has nothing to do with the terrorism practiced by countries such as the United States or Israel.

Doctor William Ortega, graduated at the ELAM, also expressed to Prensa Latina his respect for everything Cuban gave to him and the countless youth worldwide during the time they study there.

In his opinion, all methods used by the U.S. government to subvert the Cuban Revolution “are macabre, inhuman and totally unjustified.”

The program joins to the so-called Cuban Twitter or ZunZuneo of political nature, paid by the U.S government to subvert the Cuban political system.

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