The Wiles of the Empire

The Wiles of the Empire
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11 September 2020

Thousands of years will pass but — if we are still alive — the greatest wiles of that American falsehood named democracy, used to conceal the truth about major crimes like New York’s World Trade Center and Washington’s Pentagon, or the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, will never lose currency.

Just as the Warren Commission distorted and stole documents of the JFK’s assassination 57 years ago, the Kean Commission did the same with the 11-S events in 2001.

Noted: The Kean Commission was responsible of delaying, obstructing, and allowing the removal of evidence in the investigation of the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, which led to the blaming of Arab terrorists.

They overlooked and possibly erased testimonies on the suspicious involvement of Israel. It was weird that more than 200 Jews officials, who worked in upper floors, stayed at home for no apparent reason that day.

Additionally, Jews tycoons residing in Israel control the most important communications in the United States and they had full control of flights that day in New York, without reporting anything unusual.

More than 3,000 men and women were killed in the Twin Towers attack. The crash of two airplanes was not the only reason why so many people died, but blasting charges placed in the buildings structure also led to their assassination, which explains the vertical fall of one of them. The fact is that the investigation stopped. It led American citizens to reelect president George W. Bush and the US approved a Patriot Act that paved the way for the Terrorist State, on behalf of the fight against terrorism and other lies, to attack Afghanistan first and Iraq afterwards, followed by a series of interventions by the Empire, its European acolytes and armed organizations such as the Islamic State, among others, which wreaked havoc and death in governments opposed to Washington’s policies.


I remember a photo released in this news portal, a picture of JFK’s corpse in the morgue, where we could witness several bullet wounds, more than five and less than thirteen, which invalidated the theory of one sniper. Hence, we could deduce there were at least three snipers, perhaps five.

The alleged criminal Lee Harvey Oswald was falsely linked to Cuba. But such falsehood actually collapsed like a house of cards.

Just like the Kean Commission did with the Twin Towers, the Warren Commission distorted the facts and made the truth go away in a mountain of useless papers.

But the truth is that in the assassination of this US President, who was not a reactionary man, high-profile individuals who belonged to the Bilderberg Club were involved. These people tried hard to control the global financial system. Just a few western media and not so much literature went into details on the event. Some even overlooked or disagreed about the number of shots that killed the President and distorted the fact of one single sniper executing the action, highlighting the presence of several snipers in different spots with the police and Kennedy’s personal bodyguards doing nothing to prevent it.

Then, it was an easy call to execute the alleged murderer and killed dozens of people involved. Lee Harvey Oswald, the mob, Dallas’ authorities, Cuban dissidents? There is no doubt all were involved. But all kept a low profile. There was something very important that Kennedy himself denounced weeks before his assassination in a speech delivered to the American Newspaper Publishers Association, in Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York: The existence of secret societies in the shadows, which were operated by entities that responded first and foremost to the Bilderberg Club.

To this end, he issued the Executive Order 11 110, where he derogated the authorization to produce dollars if no longer backed by gold, and grant credits (public debt) to the Federal Reserve, owned by private bankers and tycoons like the super-powered Rockefellers and Rothschild, who collected receivables out of nowhere, or cashed in for drug, money-laundering — which they owned as well as the gold market in London.

This was actually the last straw in a conspiracy that led to his death.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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