U.S-Pandemic: Tragedy in Miami-Dade

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U.S-Pandemic: Tragedy in Miami-Dade
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13 July 2020

In the midst of the serious health crisis the United States is experiencing, Miami-Dade County stands out.

The Nuevo Herald reported Monday that Florida in the last 24 hours admitted to have 6,336 new infected cases, of which 1,981 were from Miami-Dade County.

This territory has the highest figure of infected and deceased with a total of 48,992 patients and 1,051 deaths.

Mayor, Carlos Giménez, said he was concerned about the percentage of positive tests carried out in the past two weeks, thus following suit to Trump's pretext about the cause in the increase of the disease.

He added that authorities attribute this to the increase in the tests carried out, as well as that people and businessmen do not comply with the directives on the use of surgical masks and social distancing.

He is also concerned about the number of people entering hospitals and the real possibility of hospitals to attend to them.

According to the Agency for Health Care Administration, in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, the availability of beds in hospitals only covers 21.8% of needs.

Meanwhile, South Florida emergency wards are selective about Covid-19 cases, and doctors are forced to be more selective about who gets in.

According to the Herald, a man revealed that his 70-year-old grandmother still with the virus, was discharged, and died within 24 hours.

Florida is among the eight states in the country with the most confirmed cases.

According to its Health Department, it has so far 206,447 confirmed cases and 3,778 deaths from Covid-19.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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