A True Change? U.S. Announces Diplomatic Priority

A True Change? U.S. Announces Diplomatic Priority
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19 March 2021

Some people are really concerned because the United States announced that Cuba will not have priority in its foreign policy, a matter that, I think, isn’t as bad as it looks, because every time they "care about us" it’s to pass new and more imposing norms.

There are sectors worldwide that deserve more attention, because of what it holds for their relations with a higher level, like for example the policies towards China, Russia, Iran, and the issue of migration, on which they have authorized millions of infants to be screened to join their parents already living in the United States.

Nothing about the blockade that suffocates us amidst the pandemic, just like Venezuela, while they have us in the crosshair of countries that "sponsor terrorism", an unfair matter for all the nations involved, although now they say they will assess this Trump's decision on the Island.

And I don’t know what president Joe Biden will do to have the United States removes the sign of a terrorist state, and if the ruling establishment will allow it perhaps to clarify the loss of face that this causes on the planet.

The United States, until the Donald Trump era has been characterized by trying to politically destabilize governments that don’t meet their interest, something well known in this continent, with assassination attempts on their main presidents.

It was more noticeable at the time when he overthrew Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 in Guatemala and went in crescendo in most of the Central and South American nations, with the complicity of NGO’s suitably disguised and a hyper-submissive Organization of American States (OAS), which “sanctified” the 1973 Chilean coup d'état, the formation of Death Squads in Central America and the dispatch of invading forces to Granada and Panama.

No matter how long and stormy, we are not going to record this part of reality, but it can be summarized in attaining the strategy to restore its control in the region, which was endangered by the coming to power of progressive governments, that is, contrary to what Washington intended.

A Reminder

Perhaps some of you remember that in this strategy of the Empire the failed assassination of the first indigenous president in the world, Evo Morales, and the desire to tear Bolivia apart, through the secessionist oligarchies in the so-called Media Luna region, which comprises Santa Cruz, Beni, Tarja, and Pando.

The aforementioned plan, still in force, essentially constitutes a recurrence of the U.S. mania to destabilize sovereign governments on the continent, which, among other things has led to the virtual perpetuation of the blockade against Cuba, that has been completed pursuing the destabilization they want.

A true coup pattern that was revitalized since 2002, when Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez was temporarily overthrown and kidnapped by disloyal soldiers, it was dealt with on a minor scale in Bolivia in 2008, and on a larger scale with a fascist and racist regime in the land of Indians which destroyed the revolutionary achievements; and it was unsuccessfully repeated in the coup against the Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, in 2010.

These several events show that the policy undertaken by the United States under the cloak of restoring democracy is a total lie, and that the Empire has no reservations about subverting legitimately constituted regimes.

That’s why the plan of the new U.S. government, which claims to put diplomacy upfront and will only use military force, when there’s no other option is not very trustworthy.

The real truth, as my friend Lidia says, indicates the falsehood of the claims of the North American presidents of all times, including the most democratic, Franklin Delano Roosevelt; James Carter, and Barack Obama, the latter - whose vice president was Biden - handled like a puppet by the establishment representing the opposite of that "real truth."

Translated by: Amilkal Labañino Valdés / Cubasí Translation Staff

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