The San Isidro Taunting Just Failed

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The San Isidro Taunting Just Failed
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10 April 2021

There’s not better proof than an image and what happened on April 4th, 2021 at the heart of Old Havana, let’s verify who the "artists" of the manufactured San Isidro Movement really are.

Those in the world who saw the video uploaded to social networks by Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, were astonished by his appalling attitude away from political ideals, but what was revealed was his low morale, like a common criminals and lacking any manner, something that clearly shows what they are.

The Yankees would have never admitted a challenge to the laws like the one they financed in San Isidro, only with the purpose of provoking a repression in the style of their police, but they were left hanging with the desire to grab material to accuse Cuban authorities of “human rights violations”.

The show was set in advance and the money to pay for it as well, a situation previously denounced by Cuban television, when the Mexican citizen was heard giving orders to her employees in Havana.

The "unprecedented" protest, as described by the Yankee press, didn’t materialize, it was only Otero and the well-known Maykel Castillo, Osorbo, who, shirtless and without a mask, provoked repeatedly and not a single police officer appeared. Although the Cuban citizenship did not approve of his absence, due to the impunity of the criminals, the reason of authorities prevailed over passion.

62 years of similar acts accumulate enough experience in the Cuban leaders, who, with wisdom and knowledge, know how to outwit each counterrevolutionary action, without running into excesses that allow fueling the campaigns of lies against the Revolution.

In Cuba, it’s known that the desperate actions of those who oppose a compromise between the United States and Cuba, seek to obtain elements so that Joe Biden does not take a step towards the improvement of political relations and the dismantling of some of the 242 sanctions imposed by Donald Trump. That’s why no mistakes can be made, although no abiding the laws will not go unpunished.

Specialists in political subversion who work in the Yankee intelligence agencies no longer know what else to devise to provoke, not only in Cuba, but in Russia, Iran, Venezuela, China and in all the countries that their rulers are not of Washington's liking.

The coming months will be crucial in the projection of Biden's policy towards Havana, and that is known by those in the United States who live from hostility against the Revolution. Therefore, they try to create incidents to provide elements to those who work against the understanding and to hinder any step in that direction.

What was seen on Sunday, April 4th in San Isidro, is hard evidence that the Yankees are incapable of creating a dissidence against the revolutionary government, since no one with average intelligence, ethics, and education, can support people of such low rank, not even the historical emigrants in Miami, who would never sit at a table to have lunch with those who don’t even know how to handle silverware. Therefore, they insist on working in the artistic sector, where they also lose.

The gap is deep between these "opponents" and the current Cuban president, a professional engineer trained after 1959, and the ministers who carry the weight of the country.


There’s no comparison between Cuban leaders showing high academic training and education, and the thugs of San Isidro, who lack everything, with a primitive underworld language, incapable of attracting young people and the Cuban population in general.

The historical leadership of the Cuban Revolution has toppled, with great intelligence, the sanctions and Yankee laws imposed to strangle the Cuban economy and the attempts to have the people hold socialism responsible for their hardships, as the lawyers of the Council on Foreign Relation affirm by stating:

"The opposition of the United States to the Cuban Revolution and the support for democracy and development in this hemisphere, managed to frustrate the Cuban ambitions to expand its economic model and political influence."

The CIA has similar criteria, when in one of its secret reports it states:

"The CIA's Covert Ops program has been designed to support other government measures, in order to increase and intensify pressure against Castro and stimulate dissident elements" [...] and these measures have been largely responsible for current economic difficulties, but new and effective Economic Warfare measures could be adopted”.

These "dissidents" do not represent Cuban civil society, and it’s a shame that smart people are manipulated by the Yankees to support them.

The psychological warfare campaigns paid by specialized Yankee agencies against Cuba spread fake news to undermine the failure of the provocation. Among the fake headlines appeared:

"Hundreds of Cubans took the streets of San Isidro, a poor neighborhood in Havana, this Sunday to protest against the government and support activists." "The more the Cuban government perpetuates its campaign of repression and harassment against the artists of San Isidro, the more public protests increase." "The events of San Isidro demonstrate the growth and leadership of civil society." "The Cuban government's campaign against artists only discourages Joe Biden's officials from prioritizing policies of rapprochement toward Cuba." "They have earned the respect and solidarity of the whole world."

But the videos on the networks are the proof of those lies. There were not hundreds or dozens of participants, those who were in the streets watched the show with curiosity, without any of their neighbors joining in.

The news recalls what the CIA affirmed in 1962, when the OAS expelled Cuba under its pressure:

"The OAS meeting will be supported by public demonstrations in Latin America, generated by the CIA and psychological campaigns assisted by USIA."

Life itself will dismantle those lies that in half a century have not been able to achieve their objectives, although they have wasted billions of dollars.

José Martí was accurate when he said:

"A wide tomb is built with his own evil hands."

Taken from El Heraldo Cubano

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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