Putin, Who Saved Russia from Chaos

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Putin, Who Saved Russia from Chaos
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12 July 2020

The Russian people, disciplined and do not forget, once again gave its support to the government of Vladimir Putin in the constitutional consultation held in the Federation, 206 amendments were approved, including the possibility of a new time in office for the current president.

The support for the referendum was overwhelming, with a large participation of 208 million people, 77.8% of the electorate and with almost 79% voting "yes".

As usual, the propaganda of the Western mass media misrepresented the purpose of the consultation, arguing that it was Putin's wishes to stay in power, but the opposition was only from an extreme right-wing party; also the two communist parties, but because they wanted the amendments to be more in-depth.

In any case, the result supports proposals to strengthen the country's sovereignty, politics, economy, and culture, with specific matters in the social field, and reiterates a policy of not allowing external interference in its affairs and the keeping and defense of its territorial boundaries against the threats of imperialism and its partners.

All this is a consequence of Putin's policy of revalidating a foreign policy in which he has established a close anti-hegemonic alliance with China, rejecting all kinds of imperialist threats, sanctions, blockade and harassment against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and Syria. In the case of the latter, he has provided active support in confronting the more-than-ten-year aggression of North American imperialism, its European allies, Israel, the Gulf satrapies and terrorist groups such as the Islamic State, organized, financed and armed by the United States.

Such a position is consistent against the North American nuclear threat and an understanding of why the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is forced to use nuclear preemption to protect itself from continuous imperialist threats.

The concepts of Russian politics evidenced in the constitutional amendments ensure the protection of individuals, society and the State, with concepts such as sovereign democracy, vertical power and the recovery of control of strategic resources like energy, which the chaotic time of Boris Yeltsin had left in the hands of a few oligarchs.

At the same time he attempts to create favorable external conditions for modernization and ensure the country's competitiveness at a global scale, Russia promotes good neighborhood relations to help eliminate pockets of conflict and prevent the surfacing of new ones.

In this regard, he highlighted, appears the strengthening of the alliance with China against the imperialist hegemonic ambitions. Developing bilateral and multilateral associative relations with other States and forums based on respect for independence and sovereignty, pragmatism, transparency and the protection of their own interests, which avoid confrontation.

He ensures comprehensive protection of the legitimate rights and interests of Russian citizens and facilitates the development of a constructive dialogue between civilizations.

The Russian foreign affairs approach shows a clear continuity: reduction of the role of the military power, support for UN peace operations and regional organizations; primacy of the Security Council to authorize the use of force; and the right to legitimate self-defense of Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations.

In no case justify humanitarian interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign States; and it does support the management against natural or provoked disasters; the fight against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their launching ramps, within the context of the multiple existing international treaties; and combat against drug trafficking and organized crime.

In one way or another, this, and much more, looms over the constitutional changes that strengthen Russian solidarity with the peoples of the world, those who love peace, but without backing down an inch, or giving in to blackmail, and by doing this prevent Russia from falling back into chaos, in which Vladimir Putin has played a key role.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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