Lenin, Days Numbered?

Lenin, Days Numbered?
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18 December 2020

Rafael Correa described him as a psychopath due to the continuous and unhealthy persecution that President Lenín Moreno has been staging against him, to whom the former president entrusted his friendship, collaborated with him in the vice presidency and then firmly supported him to be the head of the power in Ecuador.

We all know what happened next, when Lenin endorsed the program of the right that he had just defeated, he fabricated crimes of corruption to imprison Vice President Jorge Glas, used money from the oligarchy to buy elements belonging to the government group Alianza País and schemed to disrupt any reelection attempt on behalf of Correa, who has been prevented from returning to Ecuador, under penalty of being arrested and tried.

But the presidential tricks to prevent Correa from running for president again had their due response, when the Unión por la Esperanza alliance jumped over judicial obstacles and made official its participation in 2021 presidential elections with the candidacy of Andrés Arauz for president and Carlos Rabascal for vice president, who respond to Correa’s ideas.

The most characteristic is that even without knowing the rest of the presidential candidates, surveys in this regard gave the opposition as favorite. Of course, the right it’s moving rapidly to prevent the return of Correa’s trend, which in doing so they already have planned the cancellation of the multimillion dollar loan the International Monetary Fund granted Moreno, thereby indebting the country even more and triggering measures of austerity in a nation ravaged by COVID-19, evidently neglected by the president.

Likewise, Moreno has again been the target of attacks, when in these days he was assured that the delivery by British authorities of the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, to the United States is imminent, where he could be sentenced to life imprisonment for having revealed crimes of the North American imperialism.

The Australian journalist, who is ill, had been in asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since Rafael Correa's third and most recent presidential term. An analyst, Amauri Chamorro, argued that Moreno handed over the WikiLeaks founder for having revealed his acts of corruption. “He (Moreno) is trying to defend himself against a serious accusation of corruption within the country.

He and his family are involved in a plot of offshore companies that have bought apartments in Spain, have lived a kingly life in Europe, and since WikiLeaks promoted this investigation into his life and his corruption, he justifies that by saying that Assange "He has behaved badly."

In turn, the Habana Radio website tells us that the American constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald, from The Intercept, has branded the government of Ecuador as "small" and "subordinate", and in that same page the founder of the website Megaupload, the activist Kim Dotcom has stated bluntly that "Ecuador is now being ruled by the intestinal worms that live in the anus of the U.S. empire."

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