The everlasting legacy of José Martí

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The everlasting legacy of José Martí
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29 January 2021

Some try to take out of context José Martí’s ideology by assuming without a deep analysis the ideas of a man in the current context of the 21st Century. It is impossible even when Martí himself was a visionary man.

But something is indeed a fact: the intellectual legacy of the National Hero of Cuba is essential in the projected nation we all dream about and build every single day.

Without Martí, there is no possible concept of the Cuban nation. Nor we found a fair idea of what a Republic is.

Those who shield behind the sayings of the Apostle taken out of context to attack the very essence of the Cuban Revolution, are certainly unaware of the basic postulates of a man who gave utmost importance to defend the independence and sovereignty of his Homeland.

With loose phrases you cannot dismantle an organic process, which has in José Martí a fundamental reference.

Fidel Castro said it: Martí was the mastermind behind the Moncada Barracks’ attack and therefore, of the Cuban Revolution. A Revolution that is, basically, the same Céspedes started and to which Martí himself devoted his life.

The Apostle has yet much to do.

Most of his ideas still prevail and are actually feasible in the present context.

Especially, the example of irreproachable ethics that he showed to Cubans. His poetry in every action.

That’s why is paramount to promote the knowledge of his work in order to understand his projection and find a practical use.

José Martí still shows us the way.

Cuba is now facing huge challenges and we need a profoundly humanistic vision to not lose our way.

We need to be shielded by values. Martí said that “Trenches of ideas are worth more than trenches of stones.”

The Republic El Maestro dreamed of is a titanic task, but not impossible. And we are all responsible. The key, right now, is our unity.

José Martí also fought in that regard.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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