EDITORIAL: Unity and Determination

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EDITORIAL: Unity and Determination
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12 July 2021

The message of the televised speech delivered by the First Secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, on Sunday afternoon was clear and strong. The response to destabilizing actions promoted by individuals opposed to the Revolution in some territories of the nation was and will be the unity and determination of most of the people.

The President arrived in San Antonio de los Baños (epicenter of one of the anti-governmental protests summoned in social networks) on Sunday and he was backed by citizens. There, and a few hours later at the Revolution Palace, Díaz-Canel addressed the nation without euphemism and talked about the tough situation that Cuba is going through: a pandemic that has required additional efforts to the public health care system; a very challenging economic panorama worsened by insufficient resources and the strengthening of the existing sanctions imposed by the U.S. government;  not to mention the non-conventional war that rests on manipulative media campaigns with Internet being one of its main scenes.

Cuba is besieged; and so it has been for decades but the enemies of the Revolution are now redoubling efforts: they are opportunistic. They are hypocrite.

They want to create of preconceived opinion that the government has failed in the fighting against COVID-19. They leverage on the rise of cases in recent days and the difficulty to address the growing number of infected people to suggest that public health care system and all institutions associated to it are incapable of handling the situation.

They do not mention, of course, the actions taken to face the current situation in Matanzas, which include the relocation of health care professionals from other provinces and the protocol review; they do not mention the mortality rates (always painful) fall far short compared to the world and the Americas’ average. And most importantly, they ignore the main reason triggering this shortage of medicines and technologies to provide a proper health care to patients: the U.S. blockade that none of them has ever denounced, which has not been softened at all.

However, they ask for “humanitarian corridors.” They even ask for “humanitarian interventions.”

Other countries have suffered and (are still suffering) massive resurgence of the pandemic and have experienced the collapse of their health care systems, recording extremely high rates of mortality…But Cuba is the one who needs intervention. Intervened by who? Intervened to do what? These are questions we all need to ask ourselves.

They lie when they say that Cuba is not open to international solidarity. There are perfectly functional mechanisms to receive donations and distribute them. And with no propaganda shows surrounding the process, thousands of Cubans benefit from those contributions.

But these circumstantial “benefactors” do not want to get involved with the State or non-governmental agencies recognized by law. Nor have they done nothing to ask the U.S. government to easing those restrictions undermining or forbidding the access to medicines and supplies.

The goal of these “humanitarian” corridors and interventions is first and foremost political: to topple a government, a system, a social project. They want people worldwide believe there is a chaos in Cuba to justify the military intervention that they have been yearning for so long.

Promoting — most of the time from the comfort and safety of their homes in America — a social eruption in Cuba is cruel. Especially under these circumstances of sanitary emergency. They want, need violence, internal confrontation, dead people…

But Cuba fights for the lives of its people, now and forever.

The issues of Cubans (which nobody ignores and the government is aware of them and tries to find solutions) must be solved by Cubans, with increasingly more democratic and inclusive mechanisms. Our national sovereignty is not under discussion. Unity is the path to follow.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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