EDITORIAL: Faced with adversity, the strength of a nation

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EDITORIAL: Faced with adversity, the strength of a nation
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7 August 2022

The solidarity of several countries (people and governments) before such an unfortunate accident in Matanzas, has not surprised anyone. It is a natural reaction to the suffering of a nation faced with adversity. Cuba has also showed solidarity when it comes to the negative impact of nature in several countries worldwide. Love is repaid with love.

There are situations that cannot be forecasted. Beyond specific responsibilities, it is difficult to conceive potential hazards. But the response to the unpredictable has to be coherent, effective, coordinated. This is what the country has shown now in the face of misfortune.

Unity is the watchword. It is up to us, Cubans, the institutional health system, the enforcement agencies, the government, and the organizations to act in accordance with the seriousness of the circumstances.

It is what needs to be done. A situation like this, which involves serious human effects and inevitable trauma, is a challenge for the entire nation. And the way we deal with it speaks of the cohesion of the entire national framework.

Dejection is normal, certain pessimistic reactions to the succession of difficult situations are normal; but it is not healthy to wallow in that idea of ​​fatality. The nation will always have moral reservations to respond to adversity.

Those who believe Cuba is a failed state have enough examples of the capacity of a people and its government to cope with situations of this kind. Of course, there will always be those who socialize aberrant stories, but the immediate reaction to the accident, and the essential unity of the people, will always be strong antidotes.

Once again, Cuba shows its strength. Faced with the vulgarity of those who seek to manipulate the accident, the joint action of the entire nation is reinforced.

Cuba is supporting Matanzas. One more time. As always.

These are challenging times for everyone, hard for the authorities, and particularly painful for the victims and their families. You have to stand on shared values. And we must continue working, with the often anonymous efforts of many people.

Hashtags #FuerzaCuba #FuerzaMatanzas are not mere exhortation. It is the strong conviction that Matanzas will move forward, the country will move forward. It is up to all of us.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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