EDITORIAL: Double Standard

EDITORIAL: Double Standard
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11 June 2021

The discussion promoted by some members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on the political situation and human rights in Cuba was born with flaws: human rights in the Caribbean nation cannot be addressed when the greatest violation against millions of people living in Cuba is ignored; namely, the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the US government on Cuba for several decades now. All serious discussions on “the Cuban case” should take into account the impact of such policy —which is genocidal—, as its goal is to applying economic pressure to an entire people to turn them against their government.

Obviously, those MEPs who champion the insertion of this specific issue on the European Parliament (EP) agenda are not concerned about this matter. They rather follow every step of a guideline drawn by a hard-line opposition against the Cuban Revolution. They do not care about an objective analysis. They rather seek for a condemnation. In any case, do they have moral authority to judge Cuba in that forum?

In a world hit by grave dangers, where the most important of all rights —the right to life— is consistently violated, these MEPs “are concerned” about a small nation under a tough blockade while ignoring (and tacitly supporting) the track record of outrages from politically akin regimes. It is only a matter of interests.

Double standard. They are determined to find in Cuba what they might very well find —effortless— in other allied countries, or even in Europe itself. When will the EP dig deeper on the growing racism, discrimination, and xenophobic issues in several nations of that continent? Would they applaud that these issues would be included in other Parliaments’ agenda?

Some MEPs cannot and do not want to get rid of their colonialist behavior. They treat other countries with the arrogance of the mother country. Let the cobbler stick to his last. Cuba is a free, sovereign nation. Cuba chose its path and we are still on it, facing adversities and challenges. Cubans are the ones who decide the future of Cuba.

And our nation, facing aggressions and dealing with media farces and shady deals, has achieved high standards of social justice, which are still distant pipe dreams for a lot of nations.

No one says ours is a perfect society. There are unmet demands. There are very complex challenges to face domestically. Cuba is willing to dialogue with respect and reciprocity on any issue. And Cuba also promotes the responsible and open discussion among Cubans. But we reject any attempts to discredit the work of the Cuban Revolution, driven by the irrational hatred caused by hypocrisy.

The European Parliament should handle its own affairs.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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