EDITORIAL: The cynicism of those appliers of sanctions

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EDITORIAL: The cynicism of those appliers of sanctions
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22 June 2021

The logic of the US blockade imposed on Cuba has always been the same: that of putting pressure on the Cuban government by closing every way of solving punctual problems to force it to take unpopular measures, but necessary resulting in dissatisfaction among broad sectors of the population. Some people, due to misinformation or distress, end blaming the government for the shortage…even though the blockade is the main reason behind that shortage.

Pure cynicism. Those appliers of sanctions hope to achieve political credit for the consequence of their own measures.

The decision to pause temporally cash deposits of US dollars in Cuban banks has triggered uncertainty and anger among a lot of Cubans. It is understandable. But, as competent authorities have explained in mass media, the measure is necessary amid a complex panorama for the economy and the finances in Cuba. And it is not precisely caused by the country’s incompetence to handle its economy, but the growing impact of sanctions resulting from the US blockade.

Cuba cannot use US dollars’ cash in international transactions. And not only due to the dynamics of the international market itself, which are not easy at all, but due to the extraterritoriality of the blockade. The list if international banks fined as consequence of the US blockade is not short.

By torpedoing the international use of a major currency in the present world’s financial environment, the US government aims to siege Cuba and its citizens. And given that the tough decisions to face such measures must be taken by the Cuban government, the US government does what it always does: blaming, questioning, denouncing…but sidestepping from its responsibilities.

Keep pushing harder and it would lead to collapse. That has been the dreamed way to unleash social unrest from decades.

Cuba is in a very tough spot amid an already complex situation caused by the pandemic. They try to force the Cuban government to take shock measures to erode the mass support. But they ignore the political capital created by the Revolution, which has developed a project of society for decades, despite of the empire’s aggressions. Or perhaps they do not ignore it, and that is why they intensify pressure.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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