EDITORIAL: Celebrating Work

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EDITORIAL: Celebrating Work
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1 May 2021

Work is the main asset in a society. It is the guarantee of the evolution of the species. It is the basis of the universal culture. That is why work must be celebrated. That is why we must excel its role in the formation of individuals, in the strengthening of groups. May 1st must be the greatest of celebrations.

And it has been so for decades in Cuba since the triumphant Revolution started that wonderful tradition of marching to every Square in the country. Those marches, part of everyone’s life, have been expression of popular support to the social system that this nation chose to live in. It is the referendum the sector opposed to socialism claims for.

The COVID-19 pandemic advises against these kind of massive events. But the Workers’ Day will not go unnoticed. Last year, celebrations were held at home and on Internet’s social networks. This year the call goes the same way. The Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC) has called to turn every house into a square. It is an open, powerful metaphor. The construction of a better country actually starts within the family. Both the respect for work and the commitment to everyday work are born within the family.

There will be no parades, but we will bear witness of lots of support to the Revolution in Cuba and abroad. In difficult times like this Cuba is going through, work is fundamental. It is best way to preserve our social achievements and consolidate a more thriving society. It is mandatory for every Cuba to working with great responsibility, aiming for functional goals, bearing in mind individual and collective abilities and potentials.

The First of May is a symbolic date. But the Workers’ Day is actually every day. Revolution means work.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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