Cuban sunflowers will never turn to darkness where miserable mercenaries hide

Cuban sunflowers will never turn to darkness where miserable mercenaries hide
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8 September 2020

The enemies of our nation and their internal allies dream about the collapse of the Revolution and the complete ruin of socialism in Cuba. After so many embarrassing fiascos in this regard and without learning from past mistakes, they have been trying hard to overturn the situation by means of a Color Revolution, very similar to those fostered in East Europe or the so-called Arab Spring.


They make a huge mistake by ignoring the difference with our internal situation as well as the emergence and development of historical processes, which originally brought today’s leaders to power, not to mention the characteristics and prestige of those leaders who led the nation before them.


In this context, as part of the plans plotted by different US administrations —aiming to create conditions to favor one of these “revolutions”— the US have tried to position what they call “emerging leaders” in the political arena of Cuba. To do so, they have built certain puppets with the image of “revolutionary-like” dissenters who “champion” the people by usually highlighting alleged errors made by the country top leaders while accusing the Revolution of violating the rights of citizens. There are several examples. One of them refers to the Columbia’s grantee.


In Cuba, the unity and cultural background treasured by the people and their ability to choose their leaders, make impossible to nominate false leaders. That is why they resort to those confrontational, generally low moral individuals. These individuals, who lack of ethics and patriotic values, are used as spearhead intending to provoke social unrest that may lead to complex situations and thus create a situation of ungovernability in the country.


That is why they monitor the internal panorama in Cuba with the purpose of taking advantage of any opportunity to fuel these situations. That is the main reason why, in such a relative short period of time, we have witnessed how media campaigns supporting these activities in physical spaces have skyrocketed. Hence, it has given rise to the attempts to manipulate and use LGBTI community, animal right activists, environmentalists, among others.


These actions are executed in special dates; for instance, the presence of these individuals in celebrations of religious festivals entail in political connotation. And they are well aware of these sensitive issues. Therefore, they seek to force a response to their actions and making it look like an act of repression where other people attending honorably to these celebrations may be arrested if allowed themselves to be swayed by this situation.


In today’s context, characterized by restrictions and shortages caused by COVID-19, it is no secret that there are plans from subversive individuals, backed and financed from abroad, to provoke social unrest by violating the measures adopted to control the pandemic amid the celebrations of the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre.


In this line, the news portal from the Pontifical Council for Social Communication in the Holy See, released a note where it is noted that Cuba has authorized the Catholic community to participate in some major celebrations and solemnities from the very beginning of the pandemic; namely, the Pentecost Sunday, the Easter, and the Sunday’s liturgy.


The portal adds that thousands of Cubans gather to worship their patroness, the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre, with processions and celebrations nationwide. However, the preventive measures and restrictions in effect due to the coronavirus pandemic make impossible the in-person church attendance. Consequently, upon the request of the episcopate, the celebrations have been broadcasted by national television and other state-owned media.


As you can see, there is a feasible agreement between our government and the Catholic church for the arrangement and development of such festivities with the goal of making easier for parishioners to worship the Virgin of Charity in a safe environment.


Under these circumstances, it is obvious that these “new revolutionaries” with “their emerging leaders” are waiting for the course of events to —in case of any incident— question the authorities’ response to such subversive activities.


Generally speaking, they embrace the non-action option and slyly try to justify them by twisting the Constitution.


But the sunflowers in Cuba will never turn to darkness, where mercenaries —disrespectful traitors of our traditions and culture— are hidden. The sunflowers in Cuba will always seek the pure light of a sun that always shines upon our future of peace and our independence.


There is going to be no Color Revolution in Cuba. There is only one Revolution in Cuba and began with Céspedes to this day. And this Revolution boasts one color only: the red color of the blood shed on its behalf.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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