Cuba: Grandparents Return to the Park

Cuba: Grandparents Return to the Park
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12 November 2020

Earlier, as they arrived, they kissed and hugged as if they had been apart for many months, although only 24 hours had passed since the last time they met.

Now it was different. One could imagine the smiles behind the surgical masks and also the desire they had to hug each other.

But, keeping biosecurity measures designated for this new normalcy, they kept their social distancing from each other.

Anyway, you could guess their joy on the surface, it was translated into the energy with which they went at the exercises they stopped doing more than six months ago.

The damn coronavirus was to be blamed, which left the park orphaned of grandparents.

They stayed home knowing that they were protected, well cared for, trusting in the strategy designed by our government to face the pandemic, which, as it’s known, is harsh with the elderly.

Now, as another brief and valuable indicator of good work, grandparents have returned to their daily exercises, and with them, the park regained its beat every morning.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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