Cuba Denounces More "Godmothers" and New Circus Projects of the Mercenaries in Cuba

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Cuba Denounces More "Godmothers" and New Circus Projects of the Mercenaries in Cuba
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10 May 2021

Documents published today reveal how the Cuban youth constitutes the center of the projects to stimulate subversion in the country, which are hidden under different facades.

The Cuban Initiative for Social and Cultural Innovation (InCuba) it’s one of them, supposedly aimed at supporting innovative initiatives of Cubans between ages 18-35, with social and cultural impact.

According to the material, published on, the 15 people selected would receive scholarships for their training in Colombia on project management, communication, and monitoring tools in the face-to-face type, among others.

Likewise, mentoring of professionals and exchanges of experiences, in addition to financial support for the implementation of their proposal.

The program was designed for a preparation stage between the months of April and July 2019, and then move on to a phase of application of what was learned between August 2019 and August 2020, which required management quarterly reports, as well as meetings with the mentors.

What type of initiatives was InCuba interested in promoting?

The creation of digital media: magazines, blogs and websites; the territorial expansion of a social or cultural organization, and research and publications, cultural works, exhibitions and audiovisuals about the concerns of society.

The result of InCuba is the project El parque horizontal, coordinated by Anamely Ramos, a figure linked to the counterrevolution in Cuba and who currently instigates in social media the civil disobedience.

Ramos was related to other subversive programs of the organization Democratic Culture, subcontractor of the American National Foundation for Democracy (NED).

Furthermore, she was one of the protagonists of the fake hunger strike starring last November in the Havana neighborhood of San Isidro.

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