Coup d’état in Peru, Foreseeable?

Coup d’état in Peru, Foreseeable?
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9 December 2022

Peru is currently experiencing one of its most important political catastrophes. Since Pedro Castillo assumed power in that Andean country, less than a year and a half ago, the nation has bounced from one scandal to another. Now, the region's headlines indicate that this day Castillo established an exceptional government and temporarily dissolved Congress. It’s a chaotic situation with important consequences for his presidential administration, which already had its ups and downs.

The political situation Castillo has lived is quite stormy. Precisely his decree justified it by assuring that the Peruvian Congress established a parliamentary dictatorship, and therefore declared the Judiciary Power under reorganization and the night curfew. A context that concerns everyone and that suffers even the most apolitical citizen.

Previously, the environment was already flooded with the different ways of exerting pressure that the powers have, especially through the media. The idea of the Parliament was always to approve the vacancy of Castillo, a definitive provision they handled for a long time with all kinds of tricks like anonymous letters that involved both the President of the Republic and his family, and senior officials, businessmen from Peru, in favor of his authority.

Castillo anticipated that meeting. However, the Peruvian Congress ignored the dissolution and immediately declared the removal of the president for "permanent moral incapacity."

In any case, this news is still echoing, it changes with every second. Right now the media only talks about a coup. They assure that the president left the Government Palace towards the headquarters of the prefecture, where he was arrested, at the same time the prosecution announced measures against him. This implies complicity of the different factors, especially with the rejection of the Armed Forces and various ministers, which represents the little support Castillo has.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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