China-US: Trump, not reasoning

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China-US: Trump, not reasoning
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24 August 2020

Lashing out everything and driven by despair before the logical loss of confidence of the American voters, president Donald Trump inflames tension with China even more by increasing the sales of weapons to Taiwan and okaying maneuvers of the US Army in South China Sea.


To make matters worse, the US economy sank a record 35% largely due to the mismanagement of the new coronavirus pandemic, which made the US the epicenter of the disease. Meanwhile, China is quietly increasing its growth and already has the pandemic under control. Despite Covid-19 originally sprouted in China, some American travelers had much to do with this situation.


At the same time, Trump rejects his experts’ advices and endorses a trade war which threatens the US economy and the global order, while the US-China relation gets even worse.


China has responded with large naval and land forces on high alert before the threat posed by US warships near its coasts.


Regarding its economy, Beijing’s response to the never-ending tariffs increase to its products is a systemic risk for the US, which has an economy doped by historical tax rebates, with unprecedented deficits right amid its monetary policy turnaround and weak dollar value.


It represents, indeed, a threat to global security, as strategic allies may confront. And against reasoning, no trade war has ever resulted in national wealth, but in global tensions and disasters.


Qiao Ling, a Chinese military strategist, said that the US is acting with an outdated mindset, which will lead to its eventual decline.


Such mindset has led Trump to start a trade war with China, forgetting that the US became a superpower due to its competitiveness and after benefiting from labor exploitation, but not crushing its rivals like the US expects now.


Let’s throw some light into this subject, Trump’s closest advisers blame China for everything, describing the Asian nation as a growing threat for the industry in America, especially the military field. But they also accused China of infiltrating US companies to steal technology and meddling in the upcoming US election, aiming for a presidential change, as the US vice-president Mike Pence has stated.


Nonetheless, China has noted that it has a world of responses to sanctions promoted by the Donald Trump’s administration. The billionaire will continue this quest and simultaneously, the American people will be exposed to greater economic pitfalls and political discredit.


The arrogant and non-rational behavior of Trump cause no fear in top Chinese leaders. China’s exports continue upward trajectory and most of US companies based in China have not returned home as Trump had augured.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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