Biden’s Son: Hunter almost Hunted

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Biden’s Son: Hunter almost Hunted
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28 March 2022

A lobbyist, like his father in Congress, Joe Biden's son, Hunter is involved in corruption, sexual, and bribery scandals, all of which refer to his beginnings in business, "coincidentally” in Ukraine 2014, when the coup d'état financed by the United States and carried out mainly by neo-Nazi assault groups against a democratically elected government.

Also by "coincidence", the former North American president, Barack Obama, entrusted his vice president Joe Biden to deal with the Ukrainian affair, after which Hunter began to keep hidden business with a local energy company.

The truth is that despite the fact that Biden always assured that his son was a good person and did not get involved in something dishonest, Donald Trump, a president who aspired to be re-elected, took the "dirty laundry" out of his son, although Democratic propaganda, led by the "objective" newspapers The New York Times and The Washington Post, influenced voters not to believe the president’s words, who, despite his bad blood, had some basis in this regard.

Somewhat later the mess has remained in time. In a last minute information it was known by the Department of Justice that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating Hunter Biden for accusations of money laundering, bribery and corruption, who at the eleventh hour managed to borrow a million dollars to pay back taxes.

The business partners of the president's son are also being singled out for allegedly laundering money since 2019, which was confirmed by the Sinclair Broadcast Group entity.

Meanwhile, Tony Bobulinski, who was Hunter's business partner, has been collaborating with the FBI, providing information and digital evidence, which indicates that Joe Biden has also allegedly involved in these businesses with his son.

In this out of the blue conference, Bobulinski appeared last week before authorities, to whom he affirmed that when Biden was a Democratic candidate, he lied about his participation in his son's commercial companies.

In a last minute press conference, Bobulinski showed as evidence to the media three phones that were used between 2015 and 2018 during money laundering deals.

Hunter Biden's former business partner mentioned that these communication devices were checked by the FBI, an agency that considers him a "material witness" and that his interview "was a deep and very cooperative twist into all the facts."

NYT validates emails that incriminate Biden's son

After spreading the alleged corruption plot surrounding Joe Biden's son was Russian disinformation, the New York Times confirmed that the incriminating emails are authentic

In this context, a Republican spokesman, Tim Murtaugh, assured that the accusation of money laundering against Hunter are true, but that they are trying to shot the information on this matter.

Close associates of the president's son confirmed that Hunter has already paid his taxes in recent months, a matter that was settled, but that does not alleviate the situation regarding the investigation in Delaware, where a grand jury continues to investigate his businesses abroad in connection to business deals and clients in which he was involved, while working as a lobbyist for national interests and during his father's vice presidency.

That's why the investigation is looking for "criminal violations of tax laws," as well as foreign lobbying and money laundering regulations, and not just eight years ago, but as far back as 2020.


I repeat: Hunter's taxes are just one element of the broader scrutiny that has come out of his work around the world. A Yale-educated attorney, Hunter Biden's professional life has intersected with his father's public service, including working as a registered national interest lobbyist and pursuing deals and clients in Asia and Europe, while his father served as vice president.

Last month, the federal grand jury in Wilmington heard from two witnesses, one of whom, a former Hunter’s employee, spoke about financial documents that reflected money he received from a Ukrainian energy company.

It began as a tax investigation under the Obama administration and expanded in 2018 to include possible criminal violations of tax laws and foreign lobbying and money laundering regulations.

But prosecutors face a several obstacles to bring down charges, including proving that Hunter willfully violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which prohibits public relations or lobbying disclosure.

Revealing the investigation after the 2020 election, Hunter Biden said that “a professional and objective review of these matters will show that I’ve handled my affairs in an authoritative and proper manner,” but those conducting the investigations preferred to remain silent.

It’s unclear whether these are focused solely on Joe Biden's son or also on a group of people and companies. Prosecutors have also inquired about possible FARA violations by a Washington consulting firm, Blue Star Methods, which worked for the Ukrainian energy company on a deal Hunter helped negotiate.

For President Biden, the case is tense both politically and personally. Hunter Biden's job for Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company, became a flashpoint in his father's race against President Donald J. Trump in 2020 and helped trigger the events that led to the first impeachment trial against Trump.


Now Hunter has pursued a career as a painter and admitted to serious drug addiction and other problems during the time he pursued international business.

The investigation against him is led by David C. Weiss, the federal prosecutor for Delaware. He worked at the office during the Bush and Obama administrations and was nominated by Trump to head it. Weiss can remain in office until the case is resolved.

Hunter Biden's extensive work with foreign companies has come under scrutiny by prosecutors investigating whether he should have registered with the Justice Department as a foreign agent, while scrutinizing his ties to interests in Kazakhstan, in addition to Burisma, the aforementioned Ukrainian energy company.

Prosecutors have been investigating payments and gifts Hunter or his associates received from foreign prospects, including a vehicle paid for with funds from a company linked to a Kazakh oligarch and a diamond from an energy tycoon.

However, there has been a debate within the Justice Department about whether the available evidence proves that Hunter Biden intended to violate FARA, which the government must prove to secure a criminal conviction. Prosecutors have discussed approaching potential FARA violations as a civil matter, which would require Hunter Biden's retrospective registration as a foreign agent but would avoid criminal charges.

Such a solution could complicate a potential money laundering case, as money laundering is usually charged in connection with another offence.

It’s now known that, over the past two years, federal prosecutors in Delaware have issued dozens of subpoenas for documents related to Hunter Biden's work abroad and for bank accounts associated with him and his associates, including two former close business associates, Eric Schwerin and Devon Archer.

Last year, prosecutors interviewed Archer and subpoenaed him to present documents and grand jury testimony. Archer, who was convicted in a securities fraud case, has been a member of the Burisma board of directors with Hunter Biden since 2014.

"I hope he gets charged," attorney Clint Lancaster said, referring to Joe Biden's son. And he snapped, "Just based on what I saw in his financial records, I'd be surprised if he's not charged."

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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