Beirut: Negligence? Premeditation?

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Beirut: Negligence? Premeditation?
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12 August 2020

Perhaps huge negligence and premeditation have plunged Lebanon even further into total chaos, both physical and moral, with Beirut as the center, where two explosions virtually destroyed its port, causing a hundred and a half deaths, more than 5,000 wounded and many missing, in addition to leaving nearly 60,000 people homeless.

The negligently stored of tons of ammonium nitrate for seven years in warehouses at the port of Beirut, to blow them at a time when the nation is plunged into anarchy by the serious political and economic crisis, with the banking disarray and the corruption in the ruling elite, couldn’t be just a coincidence, when it’s known that the small country has been infiltrated to the core with Israeli Mossad agents.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun asserted that port executives the port executives were taken into custody and all those responsible for the disaster will be punished. The blast made impossible the entry of 70% of imports and was a geostrategic point on the economic OBOR initiative launched by China.

On top of everything else, fake rumors make Hezbollah responsible for the deadly explosion, something highly desired by Israel, whose army has been defeated by the organization on the battlefield.

International aid arrives from everywhere, especially when in Lebanon food and medical supplies are already scarce to face COVID-19, while the lack of energy causes blackouts of up to 20 hours a day.

The current state of affairs in the small nation forces the Lebanese government to take actions that run the risk of leading the nation to a serious debt with the International Monetary Fund, in addition to commitments with Western countries, like France, a former colonial power, and the United States, whose president said: "I’m studying the situation."

Another help formula would be the difficult national unity to seek help from the East, where commitment would be minimal and aid could set the economy in an advantageous situation.


They are not just mere speculations or fake assertions, when we remember how the Phalanges has acted several times as an instrument of aggression ordered and monitored by Israel, such as the recent assassinations of local leaders, including high-ranking government figures, and the most distant genocide of more than 5 000 children, women and elders in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila.

Western intelligence agents and the ever-present Israeli Mossad plotted with the ultra-reactionary Lebanese faction to assassinate Rafiq Hariri, a Christian president, a crime of which they unjustifiably blamed the Syrian government, while setting the scene to initiate the annihilation of the progressive sector, grouped in the March 8 Block and made up of Shiite and Sunni parties, communists, Druzes, Nasserists, and Christians, with Hezbollah as the leader, with the backing of Iran and Syria.

The Lebanese rightwing is heterogeneous, but reactionary through and through; it’s commanded by the March 14 block, and it also includes a sector of Sunni Muslims and the worst of the so-called Christian groups.

According to Cuban specialist Abelardo Cueto, the reaction took advantage of Hariri's assassination and the authorship of the assassination to a Hezbollah leader to implement the Zionist plan, which, using the so-called Special Tribunal for Lebanon, led to the withdrawal of the Syrian troops from the small nation.

This moved up Israel's plan of revenge, when it was defeated in 2006 by the Lebanese resistance led by Hezbollah, but not before and after the Tel Aviv aircrafts bombed and destroyed part of Beirut and other South Libyan cities.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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