The Bad Memory of Former Journalist María Elvira Salazar

The Bad Memory of Former Journalist María Elvira Salazar
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8 April 2021

At a press conference called by the counterrevolutionary organization Cuba Decide, the Cuban-American congresswoman for the 27th District of Florida, María Elvira Salazar, reiterated her solidarity with the so-called Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), whose members are on an alleged hunger strike because as they declare Cuban authorities prevented them from distributing "humanitarian aid" among the residents of a neighborhood in Santiago de Cuba.

In her statements, the current congresswoman María Elvira Salazar highlighted the courage shown by the UNPACU strikers, making the main reference to the leader of the Cuban opposition organization, José Daniel Ferrer.

“I want to show solidarity with the UNPACU brothers, possibly the most important group of dissidents in Cuba right now and there’s José Daniel Ferrer, a warrior, a brave man in a hunger strike again and the only thing he is asking is freedom, the power to think differently from the regime, a rogue regime that oppresses, that all it wants is to be in the business of power because it doesn’t want to give freedom to its people”.

This is not the first time the congresswoman stands in solidarity with the members of UNPACU whom she has called "true heroes and patriots", despite the fact that, in a debate hosted by her a few years ago on the Miami television station MegatV, between José Daniel and Cuban journalist based in Miami, Edmundo García, asked the following question to his now adored "hero":

Maria Elvira: How can you rent the different buses, take people to the beach, give food to the widows, help the children. That costs money, how do you do it?

Ferrer's answer could not be clearer:

José Daniel Ferrer: From various sources. One, an organization that is here, which is named Cuban American National Foundation ...

His counterpart in the debate, journalist Edmundo García, took advantage of the sincerity of his opponent in the debate to clarify:

Edmundo García: The Cuban American National Foundation receives money from the United States government, which is the one who channels it to you, therefore it’s money from the United States government ...

Then it’s worth wondering. Of which country is the "brave" Ferrer a patriot? From Cuba or the United States?

Does Maria Elvira Salazar follow José Daniel Ferrer or is he the one who for years has followed the anti-Cuban mafia to which the former journalist Maria Elvira belongs today, in her capacity as a congresswoman?

Translated by: Amilkal Labañino Valdés / Cubasí Translation Staff

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