Putin Open to Dialogue with Winner to US Presidential Elections

Putin Open to Dialogue with Winner to US Presidential Elections
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8 November 2016
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Moscow, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) The Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his willingness to dialogue with whomever is the winner of today''s presidential elections in the United States, especially with those whomever is willing to develop bilateral ties.

Putin said he would be willing to work with the chosen by the American people, in response to a question by the press regarding his preference between the Republican candidate Donald Trump and the Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Russian President acknowledged at a certain moment that Trump sought to intensify ties with Moscow. 'Who could be against that? Of course we celebrate such a position,' he said.

Putin qualified the American billionaire, who expressed eccentric and unorthodox ideas both during his campaign for the Republican presidential candidacy and in his dispute with Clinton, as a 'striking figure'.

Speaking of the former state secretary, the Russian President recalled her statements in December 2011, describing the parliamentary elections as unfair and not transparent, were one of her first steps towards Russia.

The opposition off the Parliament got the signal of going to action and soon afterwards, as he recalled, anti-government protests began in Russia, denouncing a possible fraud in the presidential elections of March 2012.

However, the Russian president considered that the arrival of a woman to the White House would be a demonstration of maturity of the American society, which a few decades ago denied the women voting rights.

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