Hillary Clinton Takes Lead in Election Race Polls

Hillary Clinton Takes Lead in Election Race Polls
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14 October 2016
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Washington, Oct 14 (Prensa Latina) The Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is leading the race against her Republican opponent Donald Trump by nearly seven points, according to the latest survey revealed by the site Realclearpolitic.com.

A Fox News poll, carried out between October 3rd and 12th puts the former Secretary of State 6.7 points ahead of the New York billionaire (48.1 vs. 41.4)

According to the study, carried out among six thousand registered voters, 68 percent of respondents believe that Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be president, while 64 think she has the right temperament to lead the White House.

The survey by Fox News, a news network closely linked to the Republican Party, also found that voters now have more trust in Clinton and in the political issues she has proved herself in, including foreign policy, terrorism, immigration, health and economy.

In turn, the survey did nothing to help Trump's image, proving that the enthusiasm of his supporters has fallen from 70 percent last week to 63 today.

Voters also expressed doubts about whether Trump is qualified to be president: 63 percent of respondents said the real estate mogul lacks the temperament, while 49 percent believe he is not qualified for the position.

Other polls agree, putting Hillary Clinton at the head of the presidential race; the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll established a difference of 10 points (50-40), while the Reuters/Ipsos poll puts the difference at 44-37, in favor of the former first lady.

A survey by Economist / YouGov also puts Clinton ahead (48-43), and Quinnipiac shows a lead of six points (50-44). The highest difference in the latest polls was reported by The Atlantic / PRRI pollster house, giving Clinton 11 points over Trump (49-38).

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