United Kingdom to Isolate Terrorist Prisoners to Reduce Extremism

United Kingdom to Isolate Terrorist Prisoners to Reduce Extremism
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24 August 2016
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The United Kingdom will isolate terrorist prisoners at special units in maximum-security prisons to avoid radicalization of other prisoners, the British Government reported.

Justice Minister Liz Truss told the BBC that was currently adopting measures to reduce the scope of radical ideologies inside prisons, such as training agents to stop the activities that could influence the vulnerable prisoners.

The new policy has been implemented after analyzing extremism in prisons, headed by former penitentiary Director Ian Acheson.

According to the BBC, the report by Acheson revealed that there was institutional timidity to stop the extremist ideology at prisons, because the personnel was afraid of being labeled as racist.

Truss told the news network that directors and officials in these institutions would be trained and have the authority to eliminate extremism.

The announcement was made shortly before clergyman Anjem Choudary was sentenced in the country, accused of inciting to support the terrorist group Islamic State.

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