MH17 tragedy: 12 unanswered questions

MH17 tragedy: 12 unanswered questions
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24 July 2014
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There are still many questions that need to be answered about the Malaysian plane tragedy.

On what grounds did the Ukrainian authorities blame the crash on Donetsk militias immediately after the tragedy?

Why didn’t Ukraine close the air space over the conflict zone for civilian flights, especially given that the area is not entirely covered by radar navigation systems?

Why did Ukrainian air traffic controllers allow the airplane to deviate from the standard flight path towards the conflict zone?

Questions over why Malaysian plane flew over Ukrainian warzone

Why did Ukrainian security services start working with the recordings of communications between air traffic controllers and MH17 crew, and with data storage systems from Ukrainian radars before international experts arrived?

Will the investigation have access to tracking data on movements of Ukrainian warplanes on the day of the incident?

What was the mission of the combat aircraft that moved close to the MH17 minutes before the crash?

What was the mission of the combat aircraft that was circling over the crash area for 4 minutes immediately after the crash?

Given that militias have no aircraft, for what purpose did Ukraine deploy several battalions of Buk-M1 anti-aircraft systems close to the area of hostilities days prior to the air crash? Why were they withdrawn the day after the incident?

Can Ukraine share all the details of these deployments?

10 more questions Russian military pose to Ukraine, US over MH17 crash

Can Ukraine confirm that internet pictures allegedly showing a Buk system, with one missing missile, being transported in the town of Krasnodon close to the Russian border were actually made at Krasnoarmeysk, a town under control of Ukrainian forces since 11 May?

Is Ukraine prepared to provide the investigation with an inventory of their air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles?

Is the United States prepared to share pictures taken from their intelligence satellite that was over Ukraine for 15 minutes, including at the moment of the crash?

Why did it take so long for Ukraine to establish an investigation commission?

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