Brazil Stands Up Against Provisional Government of Michel Temer

Brazil Stands Up Against Provisional Government of Michel Temer
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10 June 2016
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Three will be the banners that will be hoisted during this Friday: Temer Out, No to Coup, Not one Right Less, said organizers in a communique published yesterday, in which they accuse who they call "illegitimate and coupist ruler" of criminalizing and stalking social movements.

This National Mobilization Day is one of the actions programmed by the largest trade union -CUT- and the social movements for the preparation of a general strike in defense of the rights of workers, said the eve the national president of CUT, Vagner Freitas.

Brazilians residing in the German cities of Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne and Munich; in Boston, New York and San Francisco (United States); in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain and Montreal (Canada) will also march.

There will also be rallies in some cities of Portugal, Holland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark.

For its part, the oil workers of the FUP confirmed the holding of a 24-hour strike against the manifest intention of Temer of giving foreign enterprises the enormous oil reserves of Pre-sal and for the appointment of Pedro Parente as new president of Petrobras.

Meanwhile, peasant movements started yesterday protests against the interim government, occupying squares, headquarters of government entities and outlets of Caixa, a public bank oriented for economic and social development, now threatened by privatization.

Route cuts and marches were also held by movements of Landless Rural Workers (MST), Campesino Popular (MCP) and the Small Farmers (MPA).

In its call to mobilization today, the fronts Brazil Popular and Pueblo Sin Miedo (Fearless People), remembered that in the first day of the Temer government, last May 12, about 50 thousand demonstrators took to the streets of Sao Paulo and the scene was repeated afterwards in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Minas Gerais.

Besides those movements, women and students also held street protests at least twice a week, they highlighted.

The illegitimate leader and coupist Michel Temer does not hide what was behind the illegal separation of President Dilma Rousseff: the reform of social security, the violation of workers' rights, the cutting of education and health budgets, as well as suspension of social programs, underlined the text.

He also alerted that scandals involving former presidential candidate Aecio Neves, Temer, former leader of the Lower Chamber Eduardo Cunha, ex-senator Romero

Jucá and a good part of Congress show that the leaders of the coup were looking to do away with the operation Lava Jato, take power and apply the most neoliberal project in history.

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