Salary Hike Benefits Millions in Venezuela

Salary Hike Benefits Millions in Venezuela
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3 May 2016
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According to the head of this entity, Ricardo Martinez, another 12 million will enjoy the increase in subsidies to food -the so-called basket ticket- from 13,275 to 18,585 bolivars (from 1,300 to 1,800 dollars, according to the official exchange rate.

The high official said that from now on summing the minimum salary (1,500 dollars) and the basket ticket (1,800), the mínimum overall income of Venezuelans reaches from 2,400 to 3,300 dollars per month.

The standing increase as of May 1 is the 33rd decreed by the Bolivarian Revolution since its beginning 1999, to reivindicate and protect the poor sectors, he added.

Menendez highlighted that despite the economic war that the right has waged over almost three years against Venezuelans and the fall in the nation's income due to low crude prices in the international market, the Government guarantees the protection of a just salary in order the people can have access to the products and services they require. We are living an economic war but, additionaly, there is the intention of a sector of society to deal an economic blow and behind that blow convey instalibity from the political point of view in our country, he warned.

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