Socialist Sanchez Confirms Spain Is Heading for New Elections

Socialist Sanchez Confirms Spain Is Heading for New Elections
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27 April 2016
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Sanchez, backed by his party as well as liberals, said “I only have 131 seats and they are not enough to end the current stagnant phase, and I cannot and should not run for prime minister again.”

In a press conference after meeting Spanish King Felipe VI, Sanchez said that the sovereign will not suggest any proposal in support of a certain candidate, which opens the door for carrying out new elections next June 26.

The December election gave the Mariano Rajoy’s ruling center-right Popular Party 123 seats in the 350-member Congress, while PSOE got 90, followed by two new parties in the national scene, Podemos with 69 seats, and Ciudadanos with 40.

Neither Rajoy nor Sanchez could acquire enough support from the parliament to form the new government.

The parliament will be dissolved on May 2 according to the Spanish Constitution, two months after the vote on Sanchez’s candidacy to lead the new government.

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