Guerrilla ELN Open to Learning from FARC-EP Peace Process

Guerrilla ELN Open to Learning from FARC-EP Peace Process
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25 June 2014
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On June 10, ELN and the Government announced the beginning of an exploratory stage of talks for a possible peace process with an agenda focused on the victims and the participation of society, as well as other issues not defined yet.

"Many experts describe this period underway in Colombia to seek peace as historic. Such a view commits us to our people, to our brother nations and the international community, a commitment that we expect to meet sparing no efforts", said ELN in a communique posted on the Internet.

Since 2013, ELN, led by Commander Nicolas Rodriguez, asserted that it was ready to hold talks with President Juan Manuel Santos, and also that a delegation to represent them in those possible peace negotiations had been made up.

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