Russia Plans to Buy 200 Aircraft and 30 Ships Each Year

Russia Plans to Buy 200 Aircraft and 30 Ships Each Year
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15 December 2015
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“There are plans for purchasing an annual 70-100 planes and more than 120 helicopters and up to 30 surface ships, submarines and special and auxiliary ships and 600 armored vehicles a year,” Gerasimov said, according to Russian news agencies.

The general emphasized that, to ensure the defense of the strategic interests of Russia, special attention to the development of the Armed Forces and Aerospace will be granted.

But the priority task, the official stressed, will be to maintain the status of both defensive and offensive, to a level ensuring compliance with the missions of containment of aggression against Russia and its allies.

Gerasimov referred to the threat posed by international terrorism and emphasized the need for the international community to join efforts to cope.

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