Trump Is Helping Democrats, Report Says

Trump Is Helping Democrats, Report Says
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20 October 2015
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Trump is helping the Democratic Party by projecting such a radical image of the Republican Party, according to the analysis prepared by The Hispanic Council, an organization dedicated to promoting relations between the U.S. Hispanic community and Spain.

“With every speech in which he announces some unconventional proposal, voters who are undecided, centrists or on the more progressive wing of the Republican Party feel less identified with the party,” the organization says.

“He’s also focusing the debate on matters that aren’t that interesting either for citizens or the other candidates,” the report says.

At the same time, Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, which has referred to Mexicans entering the United States as drug traffickers and rapists, is distancing the Republican Party even more from the Hispanic community.

“Hispanics are the community Trump has attacked most since he launched his campaign. That’s a very important fact, taking into account that this is a community whose support is vital for winning the White House in the next elections,” the report says.

The Hispanic Council says that Trump “gets all the media’s attention because of his provocative style,” and that his television appearances immediately boost audience ratings, so that the billionaire developer “has become the undisputed star of this campaign.”

The study says that Trump “is managing to nullify the rest of the Republican candidates” because all eyes are on him and he’s eclipsing his colleagues.

“The question,” the report says, “is whether the magnate will be able to maintain this audience level through next year.”

“With his attitude, Trump is forcing the Republican Party to rethink its future, to decide if it wants to become the anti-immigrant party that Trump envisions or take advantage of the growing Hispanic community in the U.S. and stand beside it,” the text says.

Real Clear Politics, a Web site that calculates an average of the electoral surveys published in the U.S., has Trump leading the large Republican field with 23.8 percent, followed by Dr. Ben Carson with 21.1 percent and Sen. Marco Rubio, who comes in at 10.3 percent.

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