Americans Politically Divided on Immigrants

Americans Politically Divided on Immigrants
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1 October 2015
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The study, conducted by the Pew Research Center, shows that 53 percent of Republicans feel that immigration will have a negative impact on the country’s future, compared to 24 percent of Democrats who feel the same way.

However, 55 percent of Democrats believe that – over the long term – the United States will be a better society thanks to immigrants.

Among independents, the perception is more balanced, with 37 percent holding a negative view of immigrants’ contributions, 45 percent holding a positive view and the rest saying that immigration will not have a significant impact.

The survey found that immigrants coming from Asia and Europe enjoy the best image among Americans, with 47 percent of those polled holding a good opinion of Europeans and 44 percent having a good view of Asians.

But regarding both Latin Americans and Africans, just 26 percent of those surveyed have a positive opinion of each group, with 37 percent having a negative view and 35 percent having no opinion regarding Hispanics and 22 percent holding a negative view and 50 percent having no opinion with respect to Africans.

The positive perception of immigrants from the Far East is just 20 percent.

With regard to crime, 71 percent of Republicans think that immigrants contribute to a rise in crime, a view shared by 34 percent of Democrats and 50 percent of independents.

Another point on which there is great disparity among Republicans and Democrats concerns the contribution immigrants make to the economy, with 71 percent of Republicans saying they worsen it and 34 percent of Democrats and 49 percent of independents saying the same thing.

Meanwhile, 12 percent of Republicans, 38 percent of Democrats and 30 percent of independents think that immigration is a net positive for the economy, while the rest believe it does not have a significant impact.

The Pew survey was conducted among 3,147 adults and has an error margin of 2.4 percent.

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