Pro-ISIS hackers threaten US, Europe, Australia with 'electronic war'

Pro-ISIS hackers threaten US, Europe, Australia with 'electronic war'
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13 May 2015
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The three-minute video, titled 'Message to America,' was uploaded by a group calling itself the 'Islamic State's Defenders in the Internet.'


The footage, accompanied by English subtitles, shows a hooded and anonymous figure speaking in a masked voice in Arabic.

The figure directs the video at the US and Europe, stating that an electronic war is coming. He warns that the group will carry out cyber attacks, claiming it is already monitoring the communications of residents in both locations.

The video goes on to state that websites belonging to American leadership and an Australian airport have been hacked, among other sites.

However, the group did not provide evidence of the hacking, or the names of any US officials.

The footage also reminds of previous internet security breaches, such as the Cyber Caliphate's hack of the US Central Command's (CENTCOM) Twitter and YouTube accounts in January.

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But despite claiming to be aligned with the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), it remains unclear whether the 'Islamic State's Defenders in the Internet' is actually supported by the militant group, as it was not released by one of its official media outlets.

The video comes just one month after US President Barack Obama signed an executive order allowing to sanction suspected cyber-criminals abroad with financial and travel restrictions.

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