Brazil will face Human Rights violations accusations in Geneva

Brazil will face Human Rights violations accusations in Geneva
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24 February 2020
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Brazil, Feb 24 (Prensa Latina) The government of Brazil will be accused of violations of Human Rights during a meeting with the United Nations Human Rights Council, which began its first 2020 session on February 24th.

Jamil Chade, columnist of the UOL portal, assures that the 43rd session of the Council 'will be marked by a series of denunciations from natives, activists and ecologists against the Brazilian government, which will be under pressure.'

He stated that in one of the documents to be discussed, the UN rapporteurs warn about the environmental and indigenous issue.

Another criticism that the national administration will face will be the fight against hunger.

In the coming weeks, non-governmental organizations, activists, indigenous peoples and other groups will use the UN meeting to report violations in Brazil, including the issue of indigenous peoples as well as racism.

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