Iranian President Blames U.S. for Middle East Tensions

Iranian President Blames U.S. for Middle East Tensions
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13 June 2019
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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani this Thursday blamed the United States for causing all the tensions in the Middle East with its economic war against the Islamic Republic.

Rouhani spoke during a press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who began a two-day official visit to the Persian nation on Wednesday.

'We welcome the government of Japan and its prime minister for their decision to expand political, economic, regional and international relations,' said the president.

The fact that the Japanese government maintains its interest in buying Iranian oil, he added, and in solving financial and other problems, is a point for the development of bilateral relations.

According to the Iranian dignitary, tensions are rooted in the U.S. economic war against the Islamic Republic, which if stopped, will see positive regional and global developments.

In any case, he pointed out, Iran will not start any war, nor will it respond vigorously to aggression.

The visit of the leader of the Japanese government focuses on the possibility of reducing tensions between Iran and the United States, which have been rising since May 2018, when Washington abandoned a sealed nuclear agreement between Tehran and six world powers.

The Japanese authorities support the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan or nuclear pact, because Tokyo is affected by the US's withdrawal of that consent and sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Although Japan is asking the United States to reconsider its boycott policy against Tehran, President Donald Trump hopes that Abe will intercede to find a solution to the current conflict.

'Given the concern over growing tension in the Middle East, Japan wants to do everything possible to achieve peace and stability,' the Japanese leader said.

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