Bolivian Opposition Insists on Attacking Evo Morales

Bolivian Opposition Insists on Attacking Evo Morales
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27 May 2019
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La Paz, May 27 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian opposition is insisting on its attack on the reelection of President Evo Morales in the general elections in October, although it has not presented a concrete government proposal to voters.

'A government plan cannot built in the time left (to present proposals), which is one and a half month, the government plan is deeper,' House of Senators Speaker Adriana Salvatierra said recently on the program Polemica, broadcast by Bolivia TV.

The lawmaker noted that the actions by opposition leaders and politicians seek international support, especially from the United States and neoliberal governments in the region, to prevent the candidacy of President Morales.

'They have made slogans and hatred a political stance,' said Salvatierra, who pointed out that so far, no one knows a single proposal from those opposition candidates to develop the country.

On the contrary, as denounced by the speaker of House of Deputies of Bolivia, Victor Borda, they repeatedly violate national dignity and sovereignty by resorting to international bodies and other States with the only interest of returning to power.

'That is to underestimate our capacity, our dignity as Bolivians,' Borda told reporters.

For his part, Presidency Minister Juan Ramon Quintana assured that the right wing comes from the 19th-century oligarchy, which mutated into the 20th century, an antinational oligarchy with a class expression that has historically looked down on the people of this South American nation. All 13 years of the Evo Morales Government constitute his biggest strength for the elections, because he shows achievements such as the improvement of the quality of life of Bolivians, the country's political and social stability, and economic accomplishments recognized by international agencies.

On October 20, people will decide on Bolivia's destiny in the polls. Bolivians, and only they, must bet on the continuity of the Democratic and Cultural Revolution headed by President Evo Morales, or on the return to a past of corruption and poverty.

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