Bolivia's Evo Shows Support for US Presidential Hopeful Sanders

Bolivia's Evo Shows Support for US Presidential Hopeful Sanders
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4 March 2019
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President Evo Morales says he has the utmost confidence in Bernie Sanders's candidacy bid for the 2020 election.

Bolivian President Evo Morales is ready to back U.S. 2020 electoral hopeful, Bernie Sanders, a supportive tweet revealed Sunday.

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Morales cheered Sanders from social media, writing, “We salute the brother @BernieSanders. The media claims he is taking great strides toward the presidential candidacy #EEUU.

“We are confident that this progressive politician will have strong support from the American people. The Democratic revolution is done with votes,” the Bolivian president wrote.

This Saturday Sanders launched his election campaign during a rally in New York, promising economic, racial and social justice as part of a necessary political revolution in the United States.

Sanders tweeted, “Today, I want to welcome you to a campaign which says, loudly and clearly, that the underlying principles of our government will not be greed, hatred and lies. It will not be racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and religious bigotry. That is going to end. #BernieInBrooklyn.

"Our campaign is about creating a government and economy that works for the many, not just the few," Sanders said in the email, asking for 1 million people to sign up to start the effort.

Sanders, a political independent and democratic socialist who caucuses with Democrats in the Senate, said he would push in his campaign for many of the same issues that powered his 2016 bid and resonated with younger voters, including universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage, and free public college tuition.

The senator from Vermont launched his insurgent 2016 candidacy against Clinton as a long shot, but ended up winning 23 state primary contests and pushing the party to the left, generating tension between its establishment and liberal wings that has to now still not entirely abated.

This time around, Sanders has been among the leaders in opinion polls of prospective 2020 candidates, but he faces a field more heavily populated with other liberal progressives touting many of the same ideas he brought into the party mainstream. That could make it harder to generate the same level of fervent support as four years ago.

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