Gaza teenager killed, dozens injured as Great March of Return marks over 100 days

Gaza teenager killed, dozens injured as Great March of Return marks over 100 days
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14 July 2018
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A 15yo Palestinian has been killed by live IDF fire and over 220 people have been injured during the Great March of Return protest on the Gazan-Israeli border. The clashes marked over 100 days since the deadly weekly revolt began.

Othman Rami Hellas, 15, was killed on Friday evening after being shot by an IDF sniper during yet another tense standoff along the border demarcation fence, Wafa News reported. Another 220 Palestinians suffered injuries from the live bullets and tear gas that were used to repel the protesters.

The IDF said it was forced to respond to the Palestinian “violence” after a soldier received “moderate injuries” from a grenade that was thrown at him by the rioters.


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“Throughout the day there were violent riots involving thousands of Palestinians along the security fence between Gaza and Israel,” the IDF said, in a statement. “Rioters threw grenades, explosive devices and fire bombs, burned tires, and threw stones at the security fence and at IDF troops.”

Israel urged Hamas to stop inciting weekly protests, accusing it of using Gazan civilians as "human shields” to cover their “terror activity.” In the face of Hamas operatives using “grenades, fire bombs, explosives, stones, burning tires, arson kites, and incendiary balloons,” the IDF has once again warned that it will use all means necessary to protect its sovereignty.

Following the Friday clashes, overnight the IDF targeted Hamas sites in Gaza. The militant organization retaliated by launching at least 17 rockets across the border into Israel, five of which were intercepted by Iron Dome.

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In the 100 days since the weekly rallies began on March 30 at least 138 Palestinians, including 19 minors were killed. Over 15,000 rioters were injured.

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