Kirchnerites slam vultures, support CFK leadership in mass rally

Kirchnerites slam vultures, support CFK leadership in mass rally
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13 August 2014
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Thousands of pro government activists gathered at the Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires City, to express their support in favour of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's stand against the so called vulture funds, as well as her continuity at the head of the Kirchnerite project.

Under the slogan ‘Homeland or Vultures’, people from different Kirchnerite factions including National Project, Luis D’Elía’s Thousands, the Humanist Party, FORJA, Wide Front, the Communist Party, Solidarity and Equality, Action for Community and Workers' Proposal for Politics among others, show their presence supporting the Victory Front.

National lawmaker Andrés Larroque closed the event, assuring that “Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's leadership is guaranteed beyond 2015,” and considered “defeating time”, paraphrasing a famous motto of Juan Domingo Perón, as their main challenge.

“Some look at 2015 and enter into drama. They see it as an electoral challenge but do not be confused. The challenge is cultural because the changing of Argentina is much more profound,” the head of La Cámpora insisted.

Buenos Aires Deputy Governor Gabriel Mariotto took the stage first and remarked Fernández de Kirchner's achievements during the past years.

“Her mandate may come to an end, but not her leadership,” Mariotto affirmed.

Hebe de Bonafini, head of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo human rights organization, spoke after, and she emphasised Mrs. Kirchner's political attributes, including her human rights policy.

“We need to work for the homeland our children fought for,” De Bonafini stated.

Deputy Presidency Secretariat Gustavo López affirmed the event contained a double purpose.

“To make society aware that what we are fighting for is the future of the country, and to support the government,” he explained.

According to the different factions compounding the United and Organized body, the date was picked in commemoration of “The Reconquest Day”, when militias under Santiago de Liniers command repelled Britain forces which occupied the city of Buenos Aires in 1806.

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