Venezuela: Dialogue of the Government with the Opposition Begins

Venezuela: Dialogue of the Government with the Opposition Begins
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31 October 2016
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The public dialogue between the government and the opposition for peace in Venezuela begins here today, but the envoy of the Catholic Church, Emil Paul, announced that it would be carried out in the Margarita Island, in the state Nueva Esparta.

The venue of the negotiations was changed at the request of the coalition called Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD, in Spanish), which leaders also asked for the mediation of the Vatican in the process.

In reporting the meeting between the main political actors on October 24th Paul indicated that it is an attempt to create 'a climate of confidence, overcoming discord and the promotion of a mechanism to ensure peaceful coexistence' in the nation.

After contradictory statements by several leaders of the MUD, some of whom refused to accept the dialogue, the opposition finally agreed to participate in the meeting, but in a neutral place.

During the last week in demonstrations to support the Bolivarian government, President Nicolas Maduro criticized the differences between the leaders of the right wing regarding the peace process which, he said, is being boycotted by extremists directed from the circles of power in the United States.

Meanwhile, the opposition also mobilized to demand the resignation of head of state, at the request of the President of the National Assembly (with opposition majority), Henry Ramos, and the governor of the state Miranda, Henrique Capriles, two of the main promoters a recall referendum against Maduro.

Maduro, who in every public appearance insists on convening the peace talks in the country, established the National Defense Council permanently, to adopt strategies against the parliamentarians' coup attempt and the actions to obstruct the dialogue.

In today's meeting, it is expected the presence of representatives of the Union of South American Nations, plus the former head of the Government of Spain Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and the presidents of Panama, Martin Torrijos, and the Dominican Republic's, Leonel Fernandez.

The event begins when in the country is growing the expectation regarding the demonstrations convened for next week by both the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the MUD, and also due to the demand that the Government will present against the coup procedures of the National Assembly, Maduro announced.

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