What if those conspiracy plans were against Obama, not Maduro?

What if those conspiracy plans were against Obama, not Maduro?
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4 June 2014
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Evidences also include entrepreneurs´ plans to kill the constitutional president of that country Nicolás Maduro. These evidences, sufficient to show the backstabbing conspiracy against the constitutionally elected government of Venezuela, are only the tip of the iceberg of all to be revealed, as President Maduro just said.

Evidences of an ongoing coup d`état in Venezuela were presented this Wednesday. This coup is backed by some officials in the U.S. State Department and the U.S. ambassador in Colombia, Kevin Whitaker. Whitaker is a diplomat with vast experience in dealing with progressive countries in Latin America. He was Deputy Chief of Mission in Venezuela from 2005 to 2007 as well as coordinator of Office of Cuban Affairs, State Department, between 2002 and 2005.

These assassination plans also target Parliament chairman Diosdado Cabello, Aragua governor Tareck El Aissami, Minister of the People´s Power for Domestic Affairs, Justice, and Peace Miguel Rodriguez Torres, and other leaders in the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). Besides, there are proofs of ongoing contacts between Maria Corina Machado and representatives of the extreme right from Venezuela like lawyer Gustavo Tarre, former governor Enrique Salas Tarre, and Diego Arria.

Arria was part of all the traditional politics of Venezuela. He was even ambassador of the country in the UN, Minister of Tourism, and president of the Inter-American Development Bank. He is now another presenter in local Miami television. Let´s say he is a little bit more popular than his fellow countryman, former Lieutenant Colina. Better than invited, Arria has become a scholar in these sorts of propaganda TV channels, which forgot the real work of journalism to become leaders of change in governments different to the likes of Miami´s right wing and Latin America oligarchy. As expected, Arria also contributes with El Nuevo Herald.

As I said, it came to light a series of emails, where Maria Corina Machado exchanged words with the aforementioned U.S. ambassador in Colombia. She is provided instructions and then she goes to social networks and written press to voice that such conspiracy goal is the exit or death of current Venezuelan leaders. According to Maria Corina Machado, this is her commitment with her “foreign friends”. These are evidences presented in the same Venezuelan parliament she betrayed by breaking its rules and accepting positions and services from a foreign government. Indeed, it was a political miscalculation. Machado joined Ricardo Martinelli, former president of Panama. The new president of Panama is an all-out enemy of the Venezuelan buddy.

All of it shows Venezuelan opposition is neither “democratic” nor “peaceable”. If Venezuelan opposition were “legal”, they would respect the timing and could soon start a legal and peaceful attempt to a recall process. But they are in a hurry. They want a violent confrontation to stop what is already a fact: the permanence and consolidation of the constitutionally elected President Nicolas Maduro. They all participated in elections where all of them approved the international support to the final results given by the Venezuelan electoral authorities.

If it is true the popular support they boast to have, they should wait for the general elections or the recall process. The assassination of leaders, or coup d`état cannot be options. That is their final goal, even though they do not admit it. I wonder what the U.S. would do if a group of people disagree with the presidential election results, and try to dethrone President Obama by killing him or forcing him to resign with the help of a foreign country.

I wonder what the U.S. government would do if they find out that among those plotters there are active or former legislators like Senator Marcos Rubio and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen; or former Senator Mel Martínez and Congressman Lincoln Díaz-Balart. I wonder what the Pentagon, the CIA, or FBI would do if an alleged coup d`état is plotted with the help of the Russian or Chinese ambassador in Washington DC; or a third country like Panama or Colombia. It is also interesting to see what American press would say if U.S. Congressmen travel to Pyongyang and Tehran to promise not to stop until the fall of President Obama. Or if an American Foundation for Human Rights in the U.S. promotes American scholars to travel those capital cities to receive instructions on how civic norms and American Constitution can be undermined. Do you imagine Michele Bachmann, Ros-Lehtinen, or Sarah Palin herself tweeting stuffs like these: “This Obama´s regime is inefficient to even follow Russia´s instructions and set up a remotely credible stage”; or “Mr. OBAMA, no assassination, no coup d`état, RESIGN”. Or this: “Mr. Obama, I don´t want to hurt you. I don´t want to hurt anyone. I just want you to resign. Go Away!”

I am not making up anything. Those were messages from María Corina Machado in the social networks on Nicolás Maduro, slightly edited. Besides, imagine American officers linked to the brewing assassination plans against the U.S. vice-president, the President of the U.S. Chambers, the Secretary of Justice, and the president of the Senate. I asked myself again: what would the U.S. do in this case? Can´t you imagine? All air and land forces will advance on enemies countries involved in the plot. Added to this fact, we should count with the treason treatment to all those involved in the plot, no exceptions, no second thoughts.

Sergio Paneque / Cubasi Translation Staff



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