Bilderberg 2014: In the court of good King Henry

Bilderberg 2014: In the court of good King Henry
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2 June 2014
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Propelled by more money than anyone could ever spend and the strange compulsion to make even more, Bilderberg's 21st Century Western elite have gathered again, preparing to devastate more once prosperous lands, for asset stripping and reconstruction contracts.

When they tell us they are just trying to put the world to rights, I say 'phooey!' Just look at what a wreck they are making of the 21st Century. Just look at the medieval courtiers of finance capitalism. The bankers, intelligence chiefs and private military strategists are the dukes, energy and arms firms the barons. The lowly politicians and media cannot resist sticking their noses in, hoping for a share of the spoils of war.

Whether its money laundering for the Mexican drug cartel, hacking, torturing in secret prisons or just assassinating their political rivals with drones, one thing all the feudal Bilderberg elite have in common is crime. We like to think that everyone is equal under the law in our modern judicial systems but Bilderberg is living proof that the money men and their favored ones are above the law.

The betrayal by Bilderberg politicians and media

In the post-9/11 Western world, legal impunity from bribery, murder and fraud has become the norm amongst the big arms firms, military men and banksters that make up Bilderberg's core. As they step over the Bilderberg threshold swearing to Chatham House rules of secrecy our media and elected politicians don't just betray their voters, viewers, readers and listeners, just by being there they are endorsing the Bilderbergers' crimes, betraying everything we voted them into office, or listen to their news or buy their papers for.

The politicians may also be breaking the criminal law. When the mayor of Atlanta Georgia Kasim Reed gets home he should face arrest and questioning under the 1799 Logan Act, which expressly forbids politicians from entering into private discussions with foreign governments. In the UK it's prohibited by Parliament’s Ministerial Code but the man in charge of overseeing it, David Cameron, broke the code himself going to Bilderberg last year. Contempt for parliamentary standards straight from the top.

What with the bankers to finance it and the increasing presence of secret services and arms firms to prosecute it, Bilderberg has become the engine room of the warfare state. Bilderberg chummy too these days are the present and future internet media giants: Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google, YouTube and LinkedIn are all on first name terms with the war machine too. ‘Don’t be evil unless you can get away with it.’

 ARCHIVE PHOTO: People protest against the Bilderberg meeting in central Barcelona June 5, 2010. (Reuters / Gustau Nacarino) ARCHIVE PHOTO: People protest against the Bilderberg meeting in central Barcelona June 5, 2010. (Reuters / Gustau Nacarino)

Back in the 1930s, when Bilderberg’s founding chairman, Prince Bernhard, was strutting around in his black SS uniform the fascists stood out a mile. In Spain, Italy, Germany and London there they were, making loud noises about atheistic Communism and 'Johnny foreigner'. Then they started building tanks, guns, dive bombers and sticking them in anyone’s face that didn’t see things their way.

Nowadays, in the countries ravaged by interventions of NATO and Israel the propaganda is more sophisticated, but the end result is the same: secret prisons, genocide, drone assassinations and apartheid. Bilderberg’s men in suits will say: 'What do you care about them,' because it’s all 'just a means to an end.’ Except where a racist element is convenient, as in Ukraine, the new fascism embraces sociopaths of all races and cultures.

The new fatherland is set to become a transatlantic NATO bloc, outside which plentiful supplies of bogey men lurk. Here just as Hitler's tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia, Poland, Holland and Belgium, armies of Bilderberg and Goldman Sachs friendly banks and corporations are launching hostile takeovers. These are 'buy 'em up' rather than 'shoot 'em up' campaigns and all paid for with 'funny money', QE conjured out of nowhere.

As you’d expect, for a transcontinental empire which spans twenty-two countries nationalism plays little part in the new fascism. As if the EU was not big enough, the proposed but hardly discussed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would legally bind the EU and US together, being one legal jurisdiction for corporate power.

The global solutions that refuse to go away

Back in 2000, when I attended my first Bilderberg, an unofficial ‘counter conference’ was to be had in the bar of the hotel where American Free Press' Big Jim Tucker stayed. Since then this gypsy-like counter-conference has evolved into a series of more formal seminars given by campaigners and thinkers concerned for discussing the future of humanity outside the Bilderberg straitjacket, forging a genuine social justice narrative, toward a united front and inspiring vision for a future.

Little Iceland has locked up its banker criminals, dealt with the debt crisis, increased state support for the disadvantaged and pointed the way for the rest of Europe. As such, the plucky Icelanders are not invited this year. Bilderberg would like to deal with Iceland at a later date. But we are not going to let them.

The worse pay and unemployment get in Europe, the easier it is to see that the various so-called solutions we are offered are just tinkering. Only developing world style campaigns for land and monetary reform will put humanity back on track. A new monetary system too must serve everyone that uses it, not just those who run it.

The chimes of freedom flashing

Exactly a year ago, during Bilderberg 2013 in Watford, Enland, Edward Snowden shuffled onto the world stage with a memory stick in his pocket. He showed us the capability our Signals Intelligence services now have to identify, target and take down anyone, yes, including creative writers, artists or other public figures who threaten corporate power.
The Snowden revelations showed us our laws have been broken and our courts bypassed, that we are all 'enemy' targets but we now know too how complicit the big internet companies have been in this government hacking deep into our personal lives. By failing dismally to fight back for our privacy Google, Facebook and the rest have become little more than fronts for the intelligence services. Handing them our lives on a plate.

But Snowden's biggest message of all is that our governments will lock up the whistleblowers we so desperately need to understand what governments are doing in our name and with our taxes. In the case of top British government scientist David Kelly, who many believe was ‘suicided’ for blowing the whistle on Blair's 'dodgy dossier', worse. Western criminal justice too has fallen under the securocrats' black magic spell.

 Chelsea Manning (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)  Chelsea Manning (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)

Just look at how Chelsea Manning the whistleblower and Julian Assange the publisher have been scapegoated. The message is clear, if you want to tell the public about crimes by NATO governments you better be prepared to get out of Britain, America or your home country before you do so. The power elite really can, it seems, still just shout 'lock him in the tower' and no one will lift a finger to see that justice is done.

King of the Anarcho-Capitalists, Henry Kissinger may not have destroyed the fabric of domestic society in the NATO countries as comprehensively as his medieval namesake Henry VIII. Yet! But he’s been one of the driving forces behind the disappearance and butchery in Chile, Guatemala, Indonesia, Cyprus, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and scores of other countries and will continue to do so until he's stopped.

The debt that Bilderberg's IMF, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve and European Central Bank hold the levers to, replaced the old, obvious, colonialism. Lines of credit that were used to strangle third world nations are now strangling the peoples of the West's right to fresh water, food and shelter too. Rather than the post-war dream of helping the developing world to share in the social justice our forefathers fought for, these Bilderbergers are now driving the people of the developed world down too, through the anaconda of unpayable debt, toward barbarism.

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