In Political Trial: Trump Acquits Trump?

In Political Trial: Trump Acquits Trump?
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31 January 2020
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The newspaper "Politician" published in Virginia said on Tuesday, Donald Trump is already organizing the celebration of his victory against the Impeachment.

According to that newspaper, he hopes he will be acquitted.

And he repeats, that he is ready to celebrate the exoneration in the political trial.

The newspaper adds that, on the verge of its imminent acquittal by the Senate, they manage the options to follow.

Officials said one of them would be deliver a huge address from the Oval Office to mark the occasion.

They added that Trump is closely following the evolution of the process and has attacked his favorite television station, Fox News.

For what motive? To give the floor to high-level Democrats and Republicans who demand John Bolton to speak, the former National Security advisor.

The latter is considered explosive, especially after this Sunday The New York Times revealed an unfavorable testimony for the president.

This surfaced when Trump's defense argued that paralyzing the military assistance to Ukraine is not a crime.

Even those who oppose Trump said that when he stopped the military supply to an ally of Washington to gain electoral advantages.

A transparent reference to the public confrontation between Donald Trump, and Democrat Joe Biden, looking at the upcoming elections.

Some put forward that the political trial could end this week, if witnesses are not called to the stand.

Something that nobody can consider impossible.

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