The Greatness of “Small Things”

The Greatness of “Small Things”
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26 September 2019
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Note that quotations marks appear on each side of small things in the title. The point is that as for greatness and small things everything is just relative for all cases, and in the case we approach in these lines, I believe is particularly noticeable.

This article will approach what Whitman, the poet, called “the people, the crowd, the mob”, and not in a pejorative fashion. He claimed to be that and he was proud to be.

This remembrance becomes relevant - many, many more could come handy today- in these days of energy issues that Cuba is going through, it has been evident the true worth of the people and how much they can do.

Since the taking office of President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez - giving continuity to a whole government practice that preceded him – it became evident the importance of citizens in the building of this society.

Either when tackling with the havoc caused by hurricanes and tornadoes, when voting for the side of justice, when rejecting and denouncing negligent or corrupt behaviors, when tackling the most recent restrictions imposed to Cuba by the Trump administration.

Every time that Díaz-Canel in his messages recalls that "We are Cuba", in the social networks as in his speeches and other public activities, the President is corroborating how much each and every one of Cubans are worth.

No wonder the pleasure the Phd. In Philosophy, Associate Professor and scholar of the National Center for Scientific Research at the University of Havana, Carlos Jesús Delgado Díaz, in his essay The political importance of small things he first pointed out that in several areas of the social political thinking small things were considered as “what is despised, that which no attention is paid because it’s considered insignificant, casual or residual; the small as that which remains in the shadows, the invisible, what is not seen, what for social science does not exist ».

The researcher also added "If something characterizes the productions of the dominant political science nowadays, that would be its inability to distinguish and deal with diversity, which is constantly suppressed as smallness."

Therefore, it’s sometimes contradictory when someone in a managerial position, whether a company, a workgroup, a large ministry or at a political organization, speaks of "touching the people" or "guidelines sent to us from above" .

As if that people, that mass, were a shapeless crowd whose own names and personal stories didn’t matter.

As if the one in charge were a step higher, among constellations where no dust or heat reach. They forget that they occupy a responsibility, precisely because that mass want them and allow them.

Luckily, these expressions are slowly decreasing, which generally are just echoes of stereotypes and coined phrases. But for those who still use them, these days of saving and coming together have ratified, once again, that there is nothing less shapeless and anonymous in this country than the mass, the people.

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