More than worse: Trump continues breaking U.S.

More than worse: Trump continues breaking U.S.
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3 June 2019
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And I would add that the rest of humanity as well with his policy of maximizing humans’ danger of disappearance, as the tool of blackmail it has been using since he took office.

At that time, November 2016, very few press outlets, barely 2 percent, predicted his victory, among them well-renowned filmmaker Michael Moore, and around here, in our media, it was predicted by the then head of the International page of Granma newspaper, Sergio Alejandro Gómez-Gallo, who works in the popular Cubadebate website today.

The bad incident was summed up by outstanding US linguist and political analyst Noam Chomsky: “Trump is a natural product of the fear and breakdown of society during the neoliberal period”.

It was the first time in the history of United States that both presidential candidates (the other one was Hillary Clinton) were extremely unpopular, which also qualifies the institutions: Congress, banks and corporations.

That isn’t not only a US attribute, since it has spread to Europe, thus reflecting the advance of the far-right in almost all countries of the so-called Old Continent.

But going back to U.S., and quoting Chomsky’s words, “There’s a part of the white population that is terrified with the loss of the white supremacy in the American society. In 10 or 15 years, most of the population will no longer be white. And U.S. is a country built on an extreme idea of white supremacy. And losing this dominant position from a social and economic point of view is an upheaval. In addition, the successes in the struggle for the rights of women, or of the homosexual group, are seen by part of the society as an attack to their system of privileges, to their system of values, to the values of the patriarchal system….”

This has been reflected these years in the bad government of Trump, who intends to be re-elected in the coming 2020, elections in which, unfortunately, he has great options.

And the fact is that the vast majority of the population, in the lowest side of the income/wealth scale, is, indeed, excluded from the political system, and their opinions and stances are overlooked by their formal representatives, while a small sector on top owns a crushing influence.

Everything moves to the right, from the ruling Republican Party to the opposing Democratic one, which, however, has recently presented numerous figures who could not be branded as leftists in the world context, but in the American conservative society they really are.

In addition, Trump has been favored by judicial decisions that exonerate him from the accusations of his collusion with Russia raised everywhere, something completely without rhyme nor reason, but that can be raised in U.S., though in this case, it was known that it could not be true. So, Trump found a clearer road to seek his re-election, showing the good performance of the country’s economy as the main achievement, something important for the vast majority of voters, faithful to the slogan that “Americans vote with the pocket”.

Hence, Democrats will have to study the new political scenario aimed at defining a strategy that allows them to have a good performance in the 2020 general elections, knowing that they will not find it easy to defeat a now strengthened President Trump, because he keeps 45 percent of popularity, similar to the percentage that allowed Clinton and Obama to be re-elected.

On the democratic side, there are several pre-candidates, the latest was Joe Biden, Obama’s vice president; Bernie Saunders and Elizabeth Warren. However, many speak about the great possibilities for Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City since 2013, who has criticized Trump’s policies in the last few years, as regards environment, immigration and politics.

Aged 57, the democrat launched a campaign with the slogan ‘Working people first’ (‘Trabajadores primero’) and took up again the issue of wage inequality, the same of his campaign towards the mayor’s office in New York.

The mayor has tried to emerge at national level as the face of progressive sectors, a tough task in which he has been upstaged by senators such as the aforementioned Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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