Rafael Correa and the Ecuadorian Injustice

Rafael Correa and the Ecuadorian Injustice
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27 July 2018
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Just as they have done with Lula in Brazil, Rafael Correa is being victim of the political persecution in a judicial path to terminate him in many ways. They have come at him so hard that I dared say it holds personal grudge at different levels.

For Correa "the strategy towards me is to kill me, put me in jail or prevent my return to Ecuador. We must stop the judicialization of politics. Let them try defeating us at the polls, not with their tricks!", said the former Ecuadorian president.

The order of imprisonment without bail was passed against him by judge Daniella Camacho who accused him for the alleged kidnapping of former legislator Fernando Baltra, that took place in 2012, but the controller assigned as well as the attorney that pursues him was finger picked, without proceedings, which is illegal, but that doesn’t matter, because the question was, or rather is, to put him in jail.

The order of imprisonment without bail was passed after the former leader didn’t show up at the headquarters of the National Court of Justice in Quito, but he did show up in the Consulate of Ecuador in Belgium, where he lives with his family for a year. Besides the detention order, the judge accepted the request of the Attorney’s Office of asking Interpol his arrest and extradition.

Commenting the case Balda’s kidnapping, Correa denounced that it’s a "huge ridicule with no perspective of success at all in the international arena". “Balda was at large from the Ecuadorian Justice" and “he was running illegal actions in Colombia", and he highlighted that “it’s clear that it was a police abuse". “A few policemen tried to arrest him and saw that with false testimonies could involve the very President of the Republic", he denounced.

“They know I live in Belgium. The District Attorney asked me to show up in the Consulate of Belgium every 15 days, but the judge establishes that I must show up every 15 days in Ecuador knowing that it’s impossible", says the former leader.

“There is no evidence, not a hint against me", emphasizes Correa while he brands the detention order as "an absolutely illegal mechanism that would be impossible in any country". "But the world looks the other way. If this had happened during my government with a political opponent, I would already be in the International Court of The Hague", he highlighted.


Ten years of Civic Revolution in which great social achievements and a decrease of the poverty were part of an honest policy that made more equal the sharing of wealth. It was really a thorn on the side for the national oligarchy, while imperialism saw with concern the style of government of a leader who did not work for his interests.

That’s why is annoying to think how the current leader, Lenin Moreno who was always supported by Correa, has acted according to the enemies of the former President and obeyed rules that jeopardize the achievements of previous administration, nothing clear and that seems moved by desires of vengeance, I don't know the reasons why.

Undoubtedly, this action against Correa is part of the imperialistic task of coapt justice to pursue left-wing leaders.

At regional level, the case against Correa is not the only one, because there are the results of accusations against former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, the former Argentinean president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the Ecuadorian vice-president Jorge Glas. Let’s remember that the former President of Ecuador had already been accused fruitlessly of wrong oil pre-sales, wrongfully negotiated contracts in that field, organized crime, traffic of influences, and everything in the last months, because they saw the strategy of judicializing politics.

All this has contributed to the boost of the right-wing in South America and the breaking of an institutionality that is essential for a good life.

Meanwhile, several personalities and world leaders have already expressed their solidarity with former Ecuadorian leader. Bolivian President, Evo Morales has criticized the "politicization of the Ecuadorian justice" and has also denounced the "interference of the U.S. in an attempt to incarcerate an innocent". Other people who expressed their solidarity with Correa the former leaders Ollanta Humala, from Peru, and Ernesto Samper, of Colombia, something necessary, even insufficient, to get the attention on the so-called Ecuadorian injustice.

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