ISIS: Medieval savages or filmmakers?

ISIS: Medieval savages or filmmakers?
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8 September 2014
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However, their recognized mastery of the new technologies is counterproductive to the savagery of those murderers from the desert. According to the BBC: “While the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS, English acronym) continues developing its campaign in the northern Arab country, it has deployed a sophisticated social networking strategy, redefining its way of promoting itself in the world”.

Similarly, the cinematographic command shown by those combatants in the videos beheading the US journalists is striking.

The Steven Sotloff beheading video denotes an exquisite art direction. An arid desert —undoubtedly very far from satellite cameras and rockets fired by drones— as setting. Two characters, the victim and the executioner. The first appears on his knees wearing a spotlessly clean orange jumpsuit. The executioner, bare faced to the style of the bad guys of the One Thousand and One Nights stories, dressed all in black. The desert breeze makes his garment move slightly.

While the journalist sends the message to his government with unconceibable coldness in man who is going to be beheaded, the executioner threatens in British English and in a tone of voice that reminds Darth Vader from movie Star Wars. Filmed with more than one camera, the video, besides playing with all scenes, shows an impeccable edit.

One might think that the bombardments of US planes, which the sacrifice of the journalist seeks to stop, take place millions of miles from the filming set.

In short, too perfect to have been made by some medieval savages.

It has been said that James Foley’s murderer might be a British rapper. The Sunday Times said that the main suspect was Abdel Majed Abdel Bary, a 23-year-old young man, who had left his family home in West London last year. According to British outlets, Bary was a rap singer known as “L Jinny”, before becoming a jihadist. His music had been played on BBC Radio 1.

Is Steven Sotloff’s executioner some renegade filmmaker?

For the time being, it’s only known that US Intelligence Community has analyzed the video on Steven Sotloff’s beheading and has concluded it is “genuine”.

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