USA: Plot against the “re-opening” with Cuba

USA: Plot against the “re-opening” with Cuba
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12 June 2017
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The “ultras” from the Washington Capitol and Florida have not stopped plotting to put an end to the policies that opened a new chapter in the Cuban-American relations in 2014.

Under the title “Is the reopening policy with Cuba in jeopardy?” the digital website MiamiDiario released this opinion article on Sunday, where it is divulgated that Donald Trump will announce a setback in the relationship with Cuba next Friday.

Later, the website sheltered its version on “rumors floating around,” even though such news has been reiterated by other sources.

The website also stated that, before such possibility, the red button has been pressed over there.

According to MiamiDiario, travelling to Cuba from the US is in jeopardy now.

Afterwards, the news website recalled that after the beginning of the “thaw,” several Americans have visited Havana.

Nonetheless, the supporters of the US blockade would love Trump can reduce the twelve travel categories used by Americans to travel to the island.

One of these categories is named “people-to-people”, argued by US travel agencies to organize this sort of visits for their citizens.

If the US bans them, it would mean that Americans would be fined again every time they arrive in Cuba without the proper paperwork.

It would hit the tourism industry in Cuba, but also thousands of millions USD to the US economy.

Likewise, the website highlighted, it would affect a considerable number of jobs in the airline and the cruise line industries.

The fields that have benefited the most with the bilateral opening are the culture, sports, and science.

MiamiDiario states that, ballet or jazz, basketball or Beethoven, a better understanding has been promoted among several institutions and people from the art world.

“Dozens of bilateral projects have been carried out from December 2014. It is easier to obtain the required permits.”

It also extends to science as Cuba’s advances in immunology and cancer treatments are subject to more studies and tests in the US.

A tighter, more bureaucratic policy could jeopardize this sort of programs.

Nonetheless, even though the players in both sides of the Florida Strait are worried by the perspective of a setback. “Many believe their joint projects are strong enough to survive any diplomatic cooling.”

It would always occur amid a highly complicated bilateral path, above all, from next Friday on.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / Cubasi Translation Staff

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