A "male prostitute" at OAS: Luis Almagro

A "male prostitute" at OAS: Luis Almagro
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30 May 2017
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Washington and its Organization of American States (OAS) show Venezuela as hell, while silencing the Brazilian debacle.

Thus published on Thursday The New York Times in a report by journalists Simon Romero and Dom Phillips.

They wrote from Rio de Janeiro that President Michel Temer, besieged by the complex situation of the country, deployed Wednesday federal troops in the capital, Brasilia.

Previously, they said that hundreds of protesters had clashed with the security forces, with people injured, beaten and detained.

Afterwards, Brazilian Defense Minister Raul Jugmann assured that when Temer ordered street patrols, he only tried to “restore order”.

Journalists Romero and Phillips added that the protesters set fire to the Agriculture Ministry and other government offices were looted.

According to estimates by regional officials, the newspaper indicated that around 35,000 people participated in Wednesday’s protests in Rio de Janeiro alone.

"A protest that should have been peaceful deteriorated into violence, vandalism and disrespect”, Jungmann said.

For their part, Romero and Phillips recalled that the use of the armed forces Brazil is something very sensitive for those who hate the military dictatorship that ruled the country from 1964 to 1985. Historical brutal scenario where thousands of Brazilians were detained, tortured, murdered and disappeared.

One of those victims was Dilma Rousseff, today’s former president who is seeing her enemies involved in corruption acts now. Tensions rise in Brazil, sped up by a scandal linked to Temer.

What happened? An entrepreneur recorded a dialogue with the latter, where he approved to pay bribes to buy silences and to obstruct anticorruption probes.

The disclosure of those recordings on May 18 prompted the collapse of Brazil’s financial markets, a probe against Temer and widespread calls for his resignation.

Victor Guimarães, a 26-year-old activist from the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement, said he was in front of Congress, when the police attacked them (protesters).

"The largest contingent of the protest hadn’t reached the place yet, and even so, they shot grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets”, he added.

"The police wanted to expel everyone from the esplanade", assured Guimarães, who was hit on the head by a bullet.

The report by Romero and Phillips added that "Temer has also been accused of receiving millions of dollars in bribes and illegal payments".

Meanwhile, scholars specializing in the history of Brazil bet that tensions will continue there.

However, important US outlets do not dedicate the same space, continuity or language, when they publish them.

What would happen, for example, should Venezuela’s armed forces take the streets of its main cities, as it happened in Rio de Janeiro?

Something that, of course, has deserved no word of rejection from the illustrious Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro.


Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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