Is Trump’s Wall Tilting?

Is Trump’s Wall Tilting?
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27 April 2017
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The republican senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz (Texas) proposed last Tuesday a wild idea: that the Wall be financed with the money confiscated to Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán.

The Spanish state agency EFE reported that Trump won't be able to meet ideas announced for the beginning of this border plan.

Therefore, the approval of the transitory budget, theoretically before Saturday has now been extended until September.

“It’s good for the country that Trump withdraws the financing of the Wall from these negotiations", said the leader of the democratic minority of the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

"Now the negotiators of both parties may carry on in high-priority issues", he added.

The new link forced Sean Spicer, White House spokesman to clarify that they will continue that work.

Analysts remembered that, in his presidential campaign, Trump promised to build a 3,100-kilometer long wall in the Mexican border that “would put an end to illegal immigration.”

He even dared to say that the Mexican government would be paying for the expenses of the building.

However, last Tuesday, once again, high-ranking Mexican officials denied the validity of such unrelenting statement.

It was this time the Foreign Affairs Minister for Mexico, Luis Videgaray who denied such beliefs.

What did he say? At a meeting with legislators he assured that “we won't pay a cent” for Trump’s wall.

He went even further when he qualified this project as a hostile act against his country.

It’s not just a bad idea, but also an "unfriendly and hostile" act, against us, Videgaray remarked.

Lastly he sentenced: “it will hardly serve its ultimate purpose.”

Earlier, Trump had requested the Congress of Washington the granting of federal funds to begin the construction of the wall.

Observers alerted that on Monday he gave hints of preferring “to freeze” that intention until next September.

Meanwhile, chancellor Videgaray added another annoying question to the process.

He assured that his government “would consider” to reduce the security cooperation with the United States if the bilateral dialogue on immigration and trade doesn't go well.

He also noticed, without giving details that they are evaluating to charge North Americans entering their territory.

It’s a clear indicator how far Trump’s Wall rarifies important matters in the area when the Mexican government –far from being a left-wing government – dares to take such stance against the United States.

It’s even more significant, because this is a keystone of his yet uncertain administration.

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